How a Recruitment Agency Helps You Find a Job

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In many cases, a recruitment agency can help you find a job. Why is it, then, that so many job seekers opt to go it alone when looking for work? It’s possible that the majority of this population is unaware of the ways in which a recruitment agency makes the process of finding a job easier. 

Do you know how a recruitment agency helps you find a job? If not, read on.

What is a Recruitment Agency? What Do Recruiters Do?

A recruitment agency is a company that helps a variety of types of employers find employees. A recruitment agency can also help job seekers locate the right job to apply to. It’s as simple as that.

Recruiters, unless they are independent, are employees of recruitment firms. They try to find the most suitable candidates for an employer’s staffing needs. However, according to the Huffington Post, a recruiter is NOT…

  • A career counselor.
  • For-hire by job seekers.
  • Decision makers. In other words, they don’t usually make hiring decisions.
  • In control of the hiring process. They cannot speed it up.

“(A recruiter’s)  job is to find good job candidates, and…try to keep the process flowing smoothly.” — 5 Things You Should Know About Job Recruiters

How a Recruitment Agency Helps You Find a Job

So, how exactly does a recruitment agency help you find a job? By “adding its knowledge and expertise, contacts, and experience to your search,” wrote a contributor. “A good agency will want to form a relationship with you and guide you towards fulfilling your potential. Naturally, they have a vested interest in doing this.” In short, a recruitment agency helps you find a job by supercharging your job search.   

While a recruitment agency does everything it can to place you in a suitable job, it’s important for job seekers to understand that recruiters are not paid by candidates. They get commissions from businesses who hire them to find talented employees for their companies. Keeping in mind what a recruitment agency does and what a recruiter’s role is will help you, a job seeker, have a great overall experience with the agency.

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  1. Thank you for explaining how a recruitment agency is able to help you find a new job as they will try their best to find a good job that will suit you. My husband is wanting to look for a new job as he wants one that he can do a really good job at. Maybe we will look into working with a recruiting agency to help him find a job that will be a good fit for him.

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