The Psychology behind Recruitment

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imagesFor employers, the search for good employees is never ending. Many employers spend the majority of their time seeking employees they can count on. These employers should know that simply hiring a job recruiter can save them the time and headache of seeking, finding and hiring the right candidates.

Similarly, thousands of job seekers spend months or years attempting to find an enjoyable position with the right employer. These individuals would also greatly benefit from the services of a professional recruiter.

Recruiters who are good at what they do are able to quickly fill positions with qualified employees. Because of this ability, recruiters are worth their weight in gold to both employers and job seekers. It’s not by a stroke of luck that recruiters achieve these amazing results. On the contrary, professional recruiters achieve success by weaving the principles of psychology into their recruiting efforts.

What is the Ruling Psychological Principle Behind Job Recruitment?

Before beginning the recruitment process, recruiters strive to understand what an applicant’s motivation is in seeking a new career opportunity. Once recruiters know why candidates desire new positions, they can confidently begin the recruitment process.

So, what is an individual’s primary motivation when seeking a new job? Surprisingly, the correct answer has little to do with money, prestige or security. Truthfully, people usually search for new careers because they desire a high level of job satisfaction. 

In his article The Psychology of Top Performers, Lou Adler states, “Job satisfaction is the primary driver behind how and why people look for new opportunities. This knowledge is what drives wise recruiters to develop sourcing strategies designed around meeting the needs of these top performers.”

The main psychological principle behind job recruitment is simply meeting needs. All efforts recruiters make to draw and retain ideal employees are shaped by the question, “How can an applicant’s need for job satisfaction be met?” Because of this, job seekers can be assured that good recruiters will keep their needs in mind as they help them reach their goals of finding an ideal position and being satisfied with that position. Likewise, because a candidate’s long-term job satisfaction is a recruiter’s priority, an employer can feel assured that the right recruiter will see that only well matched applicants be placed with their organization.

Job Seekers AND Employers Benefit from Hiring Professional Recruiters

The psychology behind recruitment is simple: ensure an individual’s long-term job satisfaction. Recruiters who are great at what they do understand this principle and put it into practice. A wise recruiter knows that only an individual who is an excellent fit for a company will enjoy having a position within that company. Recruiters also understand that a person must be sufficiently equipped for a position if job satisfaction is to be attained. In light of this, it is safe to say that both job seekers and employers desiring new employees will benefit from the services of an experienced employment recruiter.


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