Passionate Employer Seeks Passionate Sales Force

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Passionate Employer Seeks Passionate Sales ForceWhat is the secret to increasing business sales? There is a lot of speculation behind the exact formula. After all, if there were a one-size-fits-all approach, every business would be in the black. Nevertheless, many good sales people have a number of common traits, one being passion.

Passion does not exist in a vacuum. It would be naive to think passionate employees could survive long in apathetic work environments. Passion attracts passion. Therefore, when a company wants to rally business with an energetic, determined, goal-oriented sales force, the employer better ooze passion too.

With this ever important attitude in tow, an employer can begin interviewing the sales team that is going to take business to new heights. When looking for these dynamos it is important to keep eyes out for passionate people with traits of top sellers. Once gems are discovered, hiring them in is an entirely different story. But don’t worry… let passion be the guide.

A Good Sales Person is Passionate

Good sales professionals are self-motivated. What is a better driver of motivation than personal passion? This innate sense of drive is not something that can be taught. It is inherent in some people. These are usually the employees who show up early, stay late, and exceed expectations no matter what the costs.

Attitude is Premier but Traits are Important Too!

Beyond passion, there are a number of traits that good sales professionals share. Harvard Business School went on a search to expose the commonalities that exist in effective sales teams. This is what was found:

  • Good sales people accept responsibility 100 percent of the time
  • They have a desire to succeed
  • Levels of ambition tend to be above average
  • “Intensely goal-oriented”
  • They often have the gift of empathy
  • Honesty is a high value
  • They do not take “no” as a personal insult
  • Outgoing and unafraid to engage strangers in conversations

These traits are admirable. Although, devil’s advocate must ask, if a person who possesses all of these traits, but does not have passion, will he or she still be a great sales professional?

To Land the Best Sales Person, Be the Best Sales Person

Eyeing the best job candidates for sales positions is one thing, hiring them is another. In interview settings, the employer is interviewing a candidate and vice versa. If a workplace environment is not hospitable to a person’s sales technique, he or she may turn down any offer that is extended. After all, would it be possible to perform in a place that does not host and promote passion?

To land the best sales person, an employer needs to become a good sales person. Incorporating passion into the workplace is important. Also, approach the act of work with passion. Be excited to show up at the office and stay late with no complaint. Go to meetings because it’s time that can be spent with great people, not because it is mandatory. These are some of the ways sales people become excellent drivers of business. It is also a great technique for an employer to incorporate, especially if growing business sales is important.

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