Asking Open-ended Interview Questions

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interview questions,conducting interviews, open-ended questions,interviewing job candidates, popular interview questionsDo employers experience unspoken pressure during interviews? If interviewers wants to raise workplace appeal and attract high calibre job candidates, the answer is yes. By asking open-ended questions, an employer can leave a positive first impression. 

Hosting inviting conversation extends a warm welcome from the company. This is why it is important that employers think outside the box when coming up with discussion topics. For employers who want to develop open-ended interview questions, consider three popular prompts:

3 Open-ended Interview Questions for Employers

1)“Would you share about a time something went wrong at work and how you handled it?”

This question gives insight into an individual’s personality and job skills. The answer may offer the employer understanding of how the interviewee handles high pressure situations. Employers want to hire people that are good problem solvers, creative, and willing to go the extra mile. To form the best open-ended question, consider what the company values and needs most. Then, develop a prompt that will lead to the desired answer.

2)      “Which job have you enjoyed most and why was it so enjoyable?”

A question that builds upon an interviewee’s résumé may be a good question to spark conversation. There is a reason why the candidate chose to highlight specific points on his or her application and cover letter. By picking up on these points, an employer receives insight about what the job candidate wants and how he or she sees a future career. This question can help clarify whether or not a person fits a position. To follow up this question, it is appropriate to inquire about a project they disliked as well.

3)      “What is your ideal work environment?”

It is important to gain insight as to how the candidate will fit into a company’s culture. This question can enlighten an employer to this information. If a workplace requires professional attitudes and behaviour, yet a candidate describes a laid back, lively environment, he or she may not be a good fit. On the flip side, many workplaces value a diverse workforce. Asking the right question in an interview can reveal a lot about how a person will influence workplace dynamics.

Employers who transform a nerve-racking interview into a purposeful conversation elevate the reputation of a workplace. Asking open-ended questions that are meant to reveal important aspects of a person’s capabilities can ensure employers hire suitable job candidates. Ask interview questions that confirm an individual’s personality, professional abilities, and compatibility with company culture. These open-ended questions make the interview process enjoyable for interviewers and interviewees alike.

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