Why Online Jobs Boards Don’t Work

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5a Why Online Jobs Boards Don’t WorkIf technology makes applying for jobs easy, why does it seem that landing a job is more difficult than ever before? Thanks to online jobs boards, job seekers find it easy to post their résumés using auto submit buttons. This floods recruiters and hiring managers with numerous applications from qualified and unqualified job seekers. As a result, large numbers of résumés are submitted to job listings within 24 hours of posting. Such large numbers of applications can overwhelm human resource departments and prohibit them from “efficiently filtering résumés.”

Therefore, even though online jobs boards promise a lot, they rarely deliver. While hundreds of jobs can be posted on these boards each day, it seems that very few postings result in positions.

Several business organizations report that the process of filtering résumés is one of the biggest challenges they are facing. Companies have been unable to choose the best candidates for their jobs because they cannot quickly differentiate between skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled candidates.

Worse yet, there are many talented, qualified people looking for jobs. Unfortunately, their résumés don’t make it through initial screening processes because they are amassed by too many other submissions. Nevertheless, many recruiters are bound to technology jobs boards and résumé filtering technology.

More than 50 per cent of recruiters depend on Applicant Tracking Systems to sift through large amounts of résumés that come in from jobs boards. Applicant Tracking Systems intend to permit résumés of specific qualified candidates, with required expertise and experience. However, renowned recruiters such as Boolean Blackbelt admit that this technology works poorly.

With online jobs boards amassing thousands of résumés every day and filtering technology not meeting the mark, it explains how the job market can rebound while many Canadians remain unemployed. In trying to simplify the job search process, online jobs boards have made selecting the right job candidate harder than before.

Thankfully, recruiters and applicants do not need to depend on jobs boards entirely. Hiring managers who understand that online jobs boards are a poor method of talent acquisition don’t rely on them to recruit qualified candidates. Instead, they use a traditional approach, credible recruitment firms, to find new employees.

Technology intends to simplify the world we live in, so why are easy-to-use online jobs boards making it harder to land jobs than ever before? Without effective filtering technology, jobs boards are going to continue to deliver qualified and unqualified candidate résumés to hiring managers. The best solution to this problem is to go about the employment search process in an old fashion way. By directly connecting with recruiters, qualified job seekers can get hired quickly.

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