Is Now the Right Time to Change Careers? How to Know for Sure.

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To change careers or not to change careers? That is a question that can weigh heavily on the minds of unhappy employees and employees who want to make more money or have additional opportunities for advancement. In 2013, the Huffington Post reported that 80 percent of workers in their 20s wanted to change careers. The Balance said the average person opts to change careers 12 times in his or her lifetime. Obviously, many people are putting a lot of thought into changing careers.

Do you want to change careers? If so, begin by exploring what positions your skill set will transfer to.  

What New Careers Will Your Skill Set Transfer To?

When deciding whether or not to change careers, ask yourself what new careers your current skill set will easily transfer to. Research what others with your education and experience are doing and earning. Consider contacting old classmates who are in a line of work that your skills may transfer to and asking them questions about their careers.

Calculate Your Current Skill Set

To calculate your current skill set, U.S. News’ article How to Translate Your Skills to a New Career suggests writing down your current and past job duties as well as your career accomplishments. The article says, 

Did you save a colleague time by helping him or her complete a task? Did you help compose a proposal that won the company new business? Think of small and big achievements. If you’ve been recognized informally or formally for a job well done, write it down.”

Taking a look at your past and present job duties and career accomplishments will help you discover your current skill set. This will help you find potential careers that those skills will transfer to seamlessly.

“Should I Change Careers?” Find Out Now By Asking Yourself These Questions.

Once you know your current skill set and have considered new career options, it’s time to ask yourself some probing questions designed to help you know for sure whether or not you are ready to change careers. Here are a few examples:

  • “Am I happy?”
  • “What do I like/dislike most about my job? Can what I dislike be changed?”
  • “Do I want to advance in my career? Is there room for advancement in my current job?”
  • “Am I making the money I want to make?”
  • “Am I bored at work or do I feel challenged?”
  • “Do I like my company’s culture?”
  • “Am I getting the recognition I need?”

After answering these questions, you should feel a little closer to making a decision about changing careers.

Are You Ready to Change Careers?

Making a career change is a huge decision. Get clarity about what decision to make by…

  • Determining your current skill set
  • Assessing what careers your skill set will transfer to
  • Asking yourself important questions

Which of these steps do you need to take today? 

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