Are You Making These 4 Job Search Mistakes?

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About 90 percent of job seekers make job search mistakes, reported Forbes. Since making a single mistake can cost you a great job, it’s worthwhile to learn what pitfalls to avoid on your job search.

4 Job Search Mistakes You Should Know About

There are obvious job search mistakes, such as showing up late and looking unkempt, that are no-brainers (to most). It’s the less-obvious mistakes that can sabotage a promising job search. Here are a few job search mistakes you should know about:

  • Not branding yourself — In Ten Mistakes 90 Percent of Job Seekers Make, a Forbes contributor mentioned how critical it is for job seekers to decide what job they want, then brand themselves according to that role. To brand yourself, “Use your LinkedIn profile, especially the headline and the Summary, to tell us why you do the sort of work you do (or plan to do). Use a human voice in your LinkedIn profile and your Human-Voiced Resume to bring more of your personality across on the page, or the screen.”


  • Not networking — Networking can be a tiring task even for an extrovert. Still, it is an important aspect of a healthy job search. The good news about networking is that it is simpler than many believe it to be. To network, reach out to your current professional contacts. Let them know what you are looking for and ask for their advice. Make human contact with each of these individuals until you get the results you want. 


  • Not researching employers pre-interview — Another job search mistake Forbes mentioned is failing to research employers before an interview. Job seekers who are interviewing at many companies may especially struggle to thoroughly research potential employers. When you are researching companies, “Read their press releases and read their leaders’ bios. Think about your hiring manager’s goals and challenges. What would be keeping you up at night if you were the manager of his or her department?” asked Liz Ryan.


  • Not seeming like you have other options — Have you ever been on a date with someone who seemed desperate? Perhaps they hadn’t had a date in years and just wanted to be with someone…anyone. Just as desperation comes across in a dating setting, it can be communicated in a job interview. During your next interview, pretend you have several other offers from great companies, even if you don’t. Be truthful with your interviewer, but use your imagination to your own advantage. Thinking as if you have many job offers will kill a desperate attitude and make you a more attractive job candidate.

Haven’t Found a Job Yet? 

If you haven’t found a job yet, it’s possible that you aren’t branding yourself, networking, researching employers pre-interview, and behaving as though you don’t have other options. Or, you may be doing nothing wrong. Keep treating your job search like a full-time job, and you’ll eventually find a full-time job you love. 

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