How to Kill Productivity Killers

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We’re all trying to get the most out of our time at work, but inevitably, there are things that tend to get in the way, things that interfere with our productivity.

What are these nuisances and what can we do about them?

One little noticed but big productivity killer is spam.  These are the emails that clutter up our inbox.  They come without warning.  We don’t want them, we don’t like them, but they come anyway.  Whether you get just a few, or a whole slew of them, taking the time to delete them cuts into the time you could be doing something more productive.  A report by Nucleus Research estimates that spam costs businesses almost $2,000 per employee each year in lost productivity.

How do you combat this scourge on productivity?  One way is to install spam filters as part of your IT infrastructure at work.  If some sneak through, delete them immediately without opening them.  Don’t use your professional e-mail address for anything other than work purposes.  Set up a private e-mail account for personal use so that your work e-mail address doesn’t find its way onto spam distribution lists.

Another productivity killer is stress.  Stress from heavy workloads, or not enough time or lack of resources can interfere with you giving your full attention and focus to your job responsibilities and also can lead to longer hours.  One way to handle stress is with discipline – tackle the most daunting tasks – the ones that cause the most stress — first, rather than saving them for later.  By getting them out of the way, you help to reduce stress.
One way to combat stress is to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  It’s good now and then to just take some time off.  You may think that you can’t afford to miss work, but a recent survey of employers found that their employees are more productive after returning from a vacation.

Also, as part of your work-life balance, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle – getting plenty of rest and exercise, and eating properly.  All of these help to reduce stress as well.

Another drain on productivity is office clutter.  If you have a mountain of paper on your desk, or you’re not sure where things are because they’re not organized well, you’re going to lose time looking for them.  So, the solution to the problem here is to become more organized and reduce clutter.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Take a few minutes at the end of each day and go through your papers to weed out the ones that aren’t needed and organize those that are.  Eventually, if you stick with it, you should get most of the clutter taken care of.

Keeping an office log is another way to maintain productivity.  In the log, record how you spend your time.  Then, after a few weeks, evaluate what you have written.  What is taking longer than it should, what can be eliminated, when are you most productive?

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