Impress Your Boss with These 3 Leadership Skills

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Does your boss seem to be impressed with you? If you’re not sure, he or she probably isn’t. Managers who are impressed with employees take their suggestions seriously, respect their opinions and input, and delegate important tasks to them. If you are not enjoying this type of favor, it’s time for you to start fresh at work and make a great impression on your boss.

Impress Your Boss with These 3 Leadership Skills

If you had to guess, what behaviors do you think would make your manager take notice of you and think highly of you? Most people assume that showing up to work on time, doing their best each day, and staying off of Facebook while at work is impressive. Truthfully, it isn’t – it is expected. What is impressive, however, is displaying leadership skills.

Every time you step up as a leader at work, even in a small way, it takes a little more burden off of your managers’ shoulders. Don’t think that your leadership goes unnoticed by your bosses. It is impressive and very much appreciated.

Here are 3 simple-but-powerful ways you can express better leadership skills this week:

1) Encourage people – An effective way to become a better leader is to train yourself to encourage your peers. It may not seem like it, but this has a lot to do with being a leader. Great leaders are quick to encourage and slow to give criticism; you should follow suit. Management will take note of your positive attitude.

2) Ask compelling questions – Another way to practice impressive leadership skills is to ask those you work with compelling questions. You are likely working with many introverts, and these individuals do not always share their thoughts readily. Show them you are a mature coworker and an emerging leader by asking questions about who they are and what they are passionate about. The ability to get people to open up is a quality every inspiring leader has, so don’t hesitate to engage your peers more often.

3) Take risks – No amazing leader ever became an amazing leader without taking more than just a few risks. You will need to follow in their footsteps to get to where you want to be professionally. Yun Siang Long, writer for, stated it best: “Make yourself uncomfortable. Do the things that may risk making you looking foolish – what do you have to lose? Leaders take risks. They are not afraid of doing what they believe. To be a leader at work, you need to take even simple risks like taking on the project no one wants.”

Managers aren’t usually impressed by much, but when they see employees taking the initiative to be leaders, they definitely notice. What leadership skill will you put into practice today?


















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  1. Yes, it’s true that your leadership skills will let you win the heart of your employer. It’s well known that the most respected leaders are personable and genuine. Stepping into a role that requires managerial skills does not mean you need to adopt a false persona. So, be yourself and this will showoff your skills.

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