How to Fall in Love with Your Job Again…or Move on if It’s Not Meant to Be

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Is it safe to say you’ve fallen out of love with your job? A considerable percentage of people will answer this question with a hearty “yes.” Falling out of love with a job, even a dream job, is not uncommon. If this is the case with you, why has it happened? Can you fall in love with your job again? Or, like an old flame that’s died out, are you and your job just not meant to be?

Why Don’t You Love Your Job Anymore?

Some people lose interest in a job because of poor management. Others discover that they’re simply not passionate about what they are doing or aren’t challenged enough. Why don’t you love your job anymore? You need to find out. Self-awareness will keep you out of another bad career situation.

Can You Fall in Love with Your Job Again?

You may be able fall in love with your job again, but it will take work. To get those loving feelings back, set strong boundaries with work. Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is the key to liking your job again. The Huffington Post’s Rachael Yahne explains, “One of the biggest reasons that our work becomes tedious rather than enjoyable is because it bleeds into the rest of our lives. It might seem productive to bring your work home with you or offer your weekend hours to your Monday presentation, but such habits are having the opposite effect, at least on your heart. So when the workday is done…turn off your smart phone when you get home, vow not to visit work-related applications or websites while off the clock. The most effective tips to love your job again require that you make your job your job, and your life your life.”

Being with someone 24/7 can kill feelings of affection. The same thing happens when work-related boundaries aren’t in place. More than anything else, setting boundaries may rekindle the flame between you and the job you used to be crazy about.

How to Move On from a Job You Aren’t Meant For

Most people have mixed emotions about quitting a job. Sure, there are those who will leave and never look back. However, the majority of individuals will miss their co-workers or job perks or nice office or whatever it is they enjoy about their work situation.

If you have tried setting boundaries with work and decided that you absolutely cannot fall back in love with your job, the best course of action may be to hand in your notice and then move on. How? By…

— Forgiving those who wronged you at your old workplace.

— Refusing to gossip about your former boss or coworkers.

— Talking through why your job wasn’t “the one” for you with a trusted friend. (Be careful not to dwell on it forever, though.)

— Letting a recruitment agency help you find a position more suited to you.

— Opening your heart again to the possibility of career love by keeping an open mind about the positions you apply for.

Have you ever fallen out of or back in love with a job?

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