Generation Y Enters the Workforce – How to Hire New Grads

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eLearning a Catalyst for Gen Y Workplace 3A new generation is entering the workforce. Some businesses are welcoming recent university graduates who possess unique talent, influence, and tech savvy skills. Others are unsure of how to connect with the dawning workforce. More often than not, this pool goes untapped because recruiters and employers overlook the benefits of Generation Y workers. Nevertheless, companies that hire new grads value their teamwork mindsets, online communication abilities, and innovation thinking.

Consider these young men and women as potential job candidates. Hiring the best new graduates to your company is accomplished by recognizing their benefits and embracing their individuality.

Generation Y Talent Pool

Referring to new grads as an “untapped talent pool” is an understatement. In 2012, 41 percent of recent grads were working jobs that didn’t require university degrees. This demographic includes individuals with exceptional skills, creative abilities, and fresh energy. Established teams often benefit from the presence of a new grad, but before hiring anyone, know how to evaluate Generation Y workers to make sure you land the right person for the job.

What Do Recent Grads Have To Offer Your Business?

  • Great attitudes – Most recent grads are excited about new opportunities and enthusiastic about being part of a team.
  • Prime for growth – Generation Y workers are just entering the workforce and ready to find companies they can grow with.
  • Train to reign – This pool of talent excels at online training. With effective programs in place, they will take the onboarding phase in stride.

How Do You Hire The Right Grad?

  • Look past the resume- New grads will have more life experience than job training. Consider an individual’s proficiencies, communication skills, and professionalism when conducting an interview. There are many un-tried traits that are telling of job performance potential.
  • Communicate clearly- Be open about your expectations, company culture, and the ways he or she ought to plug into a particular field. Keep in mind that new grads don’t come from the business world and they often find this sort of guidance helpful.
  • Be willing to train- New hires from Generation Y thrive on teamwork, collaboration, and interactive feedback. In addition to online training, it is valuable to spend one-on-one time with young workers.

Generation Y is coming to an office near you. Embrace the changing times and welcome these new grads into your company. They bring unique talent and perspective to business. By understanding how they can add value to a work environment and approach the hiring process with unique consideration, it is possible to identify the best candidates for your entry-level jobs. Discover talented and enthusiastic employees by interviewing and considering new grads.

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