Getting Familiar with Personalized, One-to-One Recruiting

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Human resourcesAre you one of the many people who have never heard of personalized or one-to-one recruiting? If you have heard of personalized recruiting, are you familiar with how it works? This type of recruiting holds value because it can benefit both the employer and potential employee. Read on to learn what personalized/one-to-one recruiting is and why it is important.

What is Personalized/One-to-One Recruiting?

Mass personalized recruiting (or one-to-one recruiting) takes place when “an individual recruiter…personalize(s) their approach in order to successfully recruit a specific candidate.” In other words, when a company targets individuals from a specific demographic for the purposes of hiring them, that company is engaging in personalized recruiting.

How One-to-One Recruiting Benefits Employers

There are many ways that personalized recruiting benefits employers. Here are the two primary benefits:

  • One-to-one recruiting increases a company’s publicity — When a company engages in personalized recruiting, it is reaching out to a specific type of desired employee. This not only draws the targeted employee; it also increases the company’s publicity. Dr. John Sullivan, a respected HR thought-leader, says, “Bold recruiting efforts are almost always noticed in ways that dramatically increase the publicity the organization receives, raising the profile of the recruiting function both inside and outside the organization.”
  • Personalized recruiting can help build a company’s brand — In addition to increasing a company’s publicity, one-to-one recruiting also helps to build a company’s brand. While the company is busy recruiting a specific type of employee, the company’s brand becomes more and more visible. Again, Dr. John Sullivan says, “Using one-to-one creates highly visible individuals who can become ambassadors of your brand in the community.”

Overall, personalized recruiting is an excellent move for employers to take. It targets the exact type of employee needed, while at the same time promoting a company’s unique brand and even increasing publicity. A company looking for a very specific type of employee cannot go wrong by seeking out that employee via one-to-one recruiting.

One-to-One Recruiting is Beneficial for Employees, Too

Personalized recruiting is not only good for employers, but also for potential employees. Because this type of recruiting is so tailored to specific populations, prospective employees who respond may be more likely to be good fits for the positions they are being offered. This can expedite the entire hiring process and bring an unsurpassed level of ease to it.

One-to-one recruiting is gaining more and more popularity among employers for the simple fact that it draws the very employees they seek to attract. As a result of this, we are going to continue to see growth in this type of recruiting, as well as growth in the companies that engage in one-to-one recruiting.

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