Examples of interview thank you letters

Examples of Interview Thank You Letters

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You finished an interview – and you feel like it went great. The rapport was strong, your answers were on point, and the warmth of your personality was on full display. What’s next? A thank you note. Sending a post-interview email to the hiring manager (and any other participants) will demonstrate your professional etiquette. It can also be an opportunity to expand on a section of the interview that, upon reflection, could have been misinterpreted. Respect the hiring manager’s time and trust that your interview conveyed the content needed by sticking to a few high-level sentences. Use one of the following examples of interview thank you letters to reinforce your interest and stay at the forefront of the employer’s mind.

Sample 1 – Reference a point from the conversation.

Use this sample when you gained further insight into the position during the interview that you want to express your interest in more directly.

Hi [name],

It was a pleasure to sit down and discuss the [title] position with you today.

Our conversation has further increased my interest in the opportunity to build a more complex yet accessible user interface with [company name]. Thank you for sharing the additional insight about collaborating with clients to streamline their pipeline. Coming to understand that part of the position has only added to my excitement for the role.

I look forward to discussing the next steps with you. If you require any additional information from me, please call or email at your convenience.

All the best,

[your name]

Sample 2 – Reiterate how your skills fit.

Use this sample to reinforce or clarify your earlier responses about how your experience can help the business with its current challenges.

Hi [name],

Thank you for considering me for the [title] role.

I am excited by the opportunity to develop promotional designs for [company]. I think that my expert knowledge of [skill] would make me a great addition to your video production team. And my previous three years of website maintenance would add additional value to the back end of your operations, where you mentioned some issues. 

I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further. If you need any additional information from me, feel free to reach out anytime.

All the best,

[your name]

Lastly, as the meeting wraps up, ensure that you get (or confirm) contact information for everyone involved (i.e., request a business card if possible) and ask about the best way to follow up – and when to inquire about your application status. Ideally, your thank you email should go out no later than the end of the same day you interviewed. Asking about the hiring timeline will help you determine when to send a follow up. If they don’t have a timetable, our suggestion is to wait at least ten business days after your interview. With any luck, you will not need to follow up after sending one of our examples of interview thank you letters.

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