Employers Evaluate Emotional Intelligence When Hiring

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3 Employers Evaluate Emotional Intelligence When HiringIn a world where business runs on technology, employers are relying on emotional intelligence to guide hiring decisions. This is true for companies like Google, which give more weight to a person’s emotional intelligence than his or her schooling. Google has gone so far as to say that workers with high levels of book smarts have a tendency to blame failures on other people or events rather than considering their own actions as contributors. However, having a strong sense of self-awareness is essential to developing personal character and growing as a professional. This is what emotional intelligence is all about.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a term that encompasses soft skills like self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill. The term coined by Daniel Goleman is believed to be an effective indicator of how personal character may affect professional conduct. More employers are beginning to latch onto the idea that employees ought to have some emotional intelligence, just as they ought to have special accreditations and training too. However, measuring a person’s emotional intelligence is not as easy as evaluating his or her grades. Still, companies are using new techniques to spot emotional intelligence in applicants.

The first is to observe an individual.  A sign of high emotional intelligence is the ability to control emotions when under pressure. People who remain cool, calm and collected, and positive when odds are against them, exemplify high emotional intelligence.  More so, these employees know when to say “no.” They have a high sense of self-awareness, meaning they know how much work they can handle on a day to day basis. If ever too much stress creeps up, they disconnect. Stepping away from a situation, they are able to collect themselves and move forward in an effective manner.

How to Find Employees with High Emotional Intelligence

Finding employees with high emotional intelligence is easier said than done. Some companies find that word of mouth references are the best way to recruit these individuals. Employees who already display high levels of emotional intelligence may know other people who exercise the same mannerisms.

There is also an incentive for employees to recommend friends, acquaintances and colleagues who they think will complement the company culture; after all, they are inviting these new hires into their work environment. Anything hostile to the workplace causes an emotionally intelligent person to have to exercise more patience, stress-management techniques and forced positivity. A person with high emotional intelligence wants to be surrounded by people with similar characteristics.

To build a workforce of emotionally intelligent employees, it is important to understand what these individuals look like. By observing their actions and behaviours, the true value they bring to business becomes clear. They not only attract other likeminded individuals, they also attract success.

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