Employee Motivation Secrets: Getting Beyond Pay Raises

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If you want to motivate your employees, pay raises may not always be the best way to do it.  Money is obviously important in motivating employees, and a strong compensation plan for your workforce is important.  But pay raises often involve more effort than they are worth.

There are a number of ways to help get your staff motivated without always resorting to money.

One way is through a point system that rewards employees with gifts through a catalog.  Employees accrue points, and then get to choose their gifts based on the points they have earned through their performance.  And instead of a one-time payout, the reward system becomes more of a process where employees first browse through the catalog to find what they want to earn with their points, then collect the points and receive the reward.

Another non-monetary form of motivation is simple recognition.  This is too often overlooked by managers.  Employees should receive praise and acknowledgment for their achievements to let them know their efforts are appreciated.  This recognition can take different forms.  Try applauding someone.  That’s right – clapping your hands in applause is a great way to show appreciation.  Trophies, certificates, and plaques also are good ways to show appreciation.

Coaching is another way to motivate without resorting to money.  Doing it in public and emphasizing positive feedback all help to encourage better effort.  In a similar vein, training sessions also help with motivation.

Focusing on career path opportunities is another way to motivate.  Employees should know what the opportunities are for advancement.  Whenever possible, promotion should be from within the organization.

Another important motivator that is often overlooked is the work environment. Work environment ranks high on the list of things that matter to employees.  Is your office a pleasant place to work?  Is it well-kept?  Do you have paintings on the walls?  Is the furniture up to date?  Is the office space well laid out and well organized?

Other initiatives you can take to motivate employees include time off, job titles that reflect responsibilities, putting people in leadership roles, having a casual dress day, offering stress management training, even organizing social gatherings.

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