Easy Ways to Promote and Measure Employee Productivity

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With an increasing number of individuals working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting employee productivity is more important than ever before. Encouraging better performance from workers will keep employee morale up during this stressful time, as well as ensure a healthier bottom line. Also, it’s vital to measure the productivity you promote. “Measuring and managing employee performance is important because it gives you the ability to properly gauge worker efficiency, identify who is working hard and who isn’t, determine how to properly compensate your workforce, and improve your workplace’s overall productivity,” wrote a contributor to Chron.  

How to Boost Employee Productivity 

With the right practices in place, your company can assess employee productivity, even in the face of the current pandemic and a dispersed workforce. One way to promote employee productivity is by setting firm deadlines. 

When a workforce is dispersed, it is critical that supervisors set deadlines that are firm and crystal clear. Otherwise, company leaders run the risk of confusing employees. This is especially true of remote employees who don’t have the benefit of being reminded of deadlines and projects by coworkers and managers working in the same physical space as them.

Deadlines can be lifesaving to companies with a dispersed workforce as they keep everyone on the same page and help them work together toward common goals. Without solid deadlines, it’s inevitable that employee productivity will lag. Apps such as Basecamp can help company leaders and teams effectively track their progress and meet deadlines.

In addition to setting firm deadlines, company leaders can promote employee productivity by focusing on priorities, not just numbers. Fred Perrotta, CEO of Tortuga, said, “We focus more on priorities than on numeric goals. We set them frequently to adjust those priorities. Productivity is measured by how much progress we make on those priorities in a given time frame.” This approach may help your business see better employee performance. 

Measure Employee Productivity With This Simple Tool  

There are many ways to measure employee productivity and assess how effective your methods of promoting it are. One way to assess worker performance is to issue employee surveys. 

An employee survey is fairly easy for companies to create and employees to complete, but don’t let its simplicity fool you — it can give you a lot of information about how productive your employees are. “Questionnaires are used to capture employee thoughts on morale and motivation on the job, both predictors of productivity,” stated the National Business Research Institute. The NBRI suggested companies include the following questions on their employee productivity surveys:  

  • I understand what is expected of me in my job.
  • I am satisfied working for this organization.
  • I receive the training I need to do my job.
  • I feel like I am part of a team in this organization.
  • My workload is commensurate with my responsibilities and authority.
  • I have the resources necessary to do my job.
  • I would recommend that a friend work here.   

In addition to regularly surveying employees, staying current with your annual review process will also help to promote worker productivity. 

By simultaneously promoting employee productivity and measuring performance, your company can stay competitive and foster a healthy bottom line, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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