The Discreet Job Search

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A Discreet Job SearchPeople often approach job searches with one of two attitudes: loud and proud or discreet and secretive. Each approach has a time and place. If the person seeking a job is currently employed, he or she benefits from acting discreet. Making sure this search is “hush hush” can protect the job seeker and may lead to a seamless transition.

The problem with conducting a quiet job search is that it forbids the use of online social networking. This, however, is not always seen as a disadvantage to employed job seekers. Those who are successful in landing new positions and tactful in leaving their current employers are secretive, thoughtful, and cautious.

Be Secretive

A discreet job search is an all-or-nothing process. An employed job seeker needs to be diligent about keeping this news secret. Here are three ways to ensure word does not get out before you’re ready:

(1)    Avoid posting any updates that imply a job search on social media channels.

(2)    Commit to not discussing these thoughts with peers, colleagues or superiors.

(3)    Tell friends and family members outside of work only if there is no possibility news will travel to the employer.

Keeping job search efforts quiet is the best way to remain protected during a job transition. It is also respectful to the current employer.

Be Thoughtful

Looking for new positions can be exciting. Before diving into this process, be sure to take time for thoughtful retrospection. Apparently, something about the current position is dissatisfying. What is it?

Take time to list qualifications, education, accomplishments, personal interests, hobbies, and interpersonal skills. By understanding unique abilities and personal preferences, an individual can revaluate his or her chosen career path. If no career change is desired, this thoughtful reflection may lead employed job seeker to understand what type of work environment he or she fits best.

Be Cautious

Once the career path is decided, it is time to act. Normally, a person may apply to jobs online and sign up for popular job boards. These are not options for the employed job seeker. He or she needs to be cautious when pursuing opportunities. It may be best for the individual to team up with a recruiter or small team of recruiters. These professionals understand all aspects of job searches, especially the importance of being discreet.

Approaching a new job search with tact is important, especially for the employed job seeker. Landing a new job is different than landing a first job. It is not a good idea to use social media, popular job boards, or word of mouth to promote oneself as “on the market.” Instead, remain secretive, spend time in reflection, conduct thorough research and act cautiously. These tools are able to open doors of opportunity. It may seem like a different approach, but it is proven to be effective.

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