Conduct a Pre-Internet Job Search in a High Tech World

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Pre-Internet Job SearchTechnology simplifies life – right? Sure, this is true sometimes, but not when it comes to getting a job. If tech simplified the job search process we would all have work thanks to online jobs boards, recruiter websites and social media. But alas, national unemployment numbers hover around seven percent and people claim it is increasingly difficult to find work.

People who have success finding employment online tend to avoid technology’s short cuts. Instead of using cut and paste to email CVs to every job posting that comes available, they take the road less travelled. They treat online job searches with the same effort they’d put forth if walking from business to business (on foot!) asking for work.

Before the Internet, a job search was a selective process. Today, a pre-Internet job search means you spend time getting to know the employer who you are submitting an application to and only apply for positions you are qualified to fill, even when applying online.

Only Apply For Positions You Qualify For

Be selective when applying for jobs. Only apply to positions that you are qualified to fill. When you find such a job posting, take time to customize your cover letter and refine your résumé, too. Even if the recruiter doesn’t consider you a perfect fit at this time, he or she still appreciates your thoughtful application. A carbon copied submission can leave a bad taste in a recruiter’s mouth and damage your reputation. With a personalized submission, your credentials will stand out and a recruiter should know right away if you are a strong candidate for the position.

Know Which Employer You Applied To

Even when you apply for jobs online, expect follow up phone calls from recruiters. When a call comes in, you want to recognize who is contacting you right away. The more applications you send, the harder it is to keep track of the companies that might be making contact. When you are selective in choosing the jobs you apply for, it is easier to prepare for their calls. This allows you to hold intelligible conversations at a moment’s notice, which is very impressive.

Don’t be disillusioned by the ease of online job searches. Some people think it is harder to find a job now than it was before the age of the Internet. Instead, pay extra attention to the employers you apply to and be sure you qualify for the jobs they list. Recruiters are learning the world of online hiring too. If you approach your online job search like you would a pre-Internet search, they may notice your efforts.

While the process of searching for a job online is not a cakewalk, with honest effort you can make it work for you.

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