Different Types of Candidate Assessment Tools

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We’re sure you’ve done it (almost everyone has): hired a person who looked great on paper, interviewed well, etc. and then the individual turned out to be a very poor fit for the position, your company’s culture — or both!

Such a mis-hire possibly could have been avoided if you’d used one or more of many candidate assessment tools available today.

Many tools exist that allow employers to measure a candidate’s personality, or sales ability, even customer service skills. Companies also may purchase assessment tools that help carry out pre-employment screenings, 360-degree employee performance evaluations, background checks and even job simulation tests, in which a candidate is rated on how well he or she can perform the actual skills necessary to do a job well.

You also may find tools that will allow you to correspond applicants’ skills to a position’s requirements via a job benchmark that you set, which allows you to rid yourself of guesswork and bias when making a hiring decision.

Your assessment tool purchase also more than likely will include a report from the assessment company that details how a candidate scored in different areas deemed critical to success in the position. These reports can gauge an applicant’s thinking skills, personality traits, skill sets, etc.

If you do decide to use candidate assessment tools, be sure to use them on each and every candidate. Using an assessment tool also can help you document how you select your employees, helping you prove your justification for hiring — or not hiring — candidates based on documented parameters and benchmarks. When used consistently and properly, this documentation can go a long way to helping you in case of a discrimination in hiring lawsuit.

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