How THIS Can Be the Year You Land Your Dream Job

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“This will be the year that I land my dream job.” Have you ever uttered this statement before only to not end up finding your desired position within the year? So have lots of other people.

We have all experienced the disappointment of New Year’s dreams and resolutions falling flat. But, no matter how past years have gone, THIS can be the year you find the job you’ve been dreaming about.

Define New Year’s Resolutions to Make Them Happen 

Do you know how to make New Year’s resolutions happen? One way is to clearly define them. Saying, “I want to find my dream job this year” is not a powerful statement. It is weak, vague, and won’t empower you to go out and secure an amazing job. What will help you, though, is saying something as specific as, “This year, I want to find a full-time job as an office assistant with a company that has a creative culture and offers me flexible scheduling.” Now that’s a statement with substance. When you define a New Year’s resolution in this way, it makes it seem more realistic and helps you see that it’s attainable. This may cause you to more aggressively job search, which will bring about your desired result.

A “Fresh Start” Mindset Will Help You Get Hired This Year

A primary reason people never end up finding their desired position is that they stop trying after January ends. They see January as their big opportunity to make major strides in their job search. What usually happens, though, is that they need some rest in January to recover from December, and never get around to doing much as far as job seeking is concerned. If this happens to you at the start of this New Year, don’t let it shut your efforts down for the rest of the year. Instead, see the beginning of each month as a fresh start. If January or February yields wimpy results, start fresh in March. Heck, if November rolls around and you still haven’t found the job you want, let December 1st be your New Year in terms of job hunting. Katherine L. Milkman and Kevin G. Volpp, writers for the New York Times, said, “So although many (in fact most) New Year’s resolutions are unsuccessful, the good news is that if at first we don’t succeed, there are many other ‘fresh starts’ on the calendar when we can try again.”

The Benefits of Job Searching With a Friend

Another way to make your New Year’s wish of attaining a dream career come true is to job search with a friend. This could look like delegating specific days/times each week for meeting at a coffee shop and completing online applications. The ideal friend to recruit for this venture is one who will hold you to your word. Just imagine how much quicker you could find that perfect career if you and your friend committed to spending one hour each week researching potential employers for one another.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a position you will love and grow into? This can become your reality if you are willing to define your dreams, let every month be a fresh start, and job search with a like-minded friend.

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