Beware! These 4 Mistakes Can Get You Fired.

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Do you ever worry about being fired from your job? It’s probable that all employed individuals experience this fear occasionally. Many times, such a fear has no logical basis. Other times, employees sense accurately that their employers are not pleased with them. In both of these cases, it’s wise to avoid silly mistakes that can cause tension at work or even get you fired.

Avoid Making These 4 Mistakes…They Can Get You Fired!

Can making a mistake cause you to lose your job? While this is very much dependent upon the situation, the short answer is “yes.” There are a few slip-ups that employers hate and that workers should steer clear of. Here are several examples:

1) Unintentionally stealing from your employer

Stealing from one’s employer is generally done innocently by using company resources for personal gain. This behavior can easily get a person fired. Travis Bradberry wrote, “Many people don’t think twice about taking a pack of printer paper home when they’ve run out or using the company’s FedEx account to mail a last-minute holiday gift. However, in the eyes of your employer, this is stealing. Abusing company resources is a serious offense, even if the monetary value of the item doesn’t add up to much. Catching you in the act can also be a good excuse if your boss is looking to fire you.”

2) Gossiping

It is an extremely rare person who never gossips. Whether you are prone to gossiping or hardly ever engage in it, it’s crucial that you avoid it in the workplace. Gossiping about coworkers and supervisors is a mistake that can cost you your job, never mind that it shows poor character. This doesn’t mean that you can’t speak honestly about your concerns while you are at work. What it does mean is that you take your complaints to the HR department, not to your coworker’s office.

3) Misusing social media

Expressing a negative opinion of something or someone through a social media platform is not necessarily a bad thing. Unless, that is, it has to do with work. For example, Facebook is not a good place to vent about your dissatisfaction with your boss. Even posting a status update such as “so ready for this day to be over!” while you are on the clock reflects poorly on you and can be used against you. Keep what happens in the workplace, in the workplace and off of social media.

4) Abusing substances

It should go without saying that substance abuse can get an otherwise great employee fired. Peter Jones, writer for, wisely said, “If you’re working for a company that drug tests, you should take this seriously. Stop using whatever it is you’re using and focus on your career. You will get caught otherwise. And fired.” It is just not worth it to lose your job over abusing a substance. If you live in Canada and need help getting free from an addiction that may ruin your career, contact the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

Using company resources, gossiping, venting about work on social media sites, and abusing substances are all mistakes that can cost you your job. Avoid these behaviors so that you can rest easy knowing you are representing yourself well in the workplace.

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