The Best Colors to Wear to Work

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The colors you wear to work have a lot more to do with your success (or lack thereof) than you might think. Colors influence how people perceive us, and you can positively affect others’ opinions of you by adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe.

Set Yourself Up for Professional Success by Wearing the Right Colors

If you’ve been wearing the same colors to work for years without becoming as successful as you want, it’s time to shake things up and wear colors that can change people’s perception of you and increase your impact. You also might find that you enjoy wearing these specific colors:

  • Black — Black makes you appear, you guessed it, more powerful and serious. Black business attire demands attention. If you want to increase your influence, opt for black professional wardrobe staples.


  • White — Did you know that wearing white can make you appear honest and innocent? “When you want to play it safe, wear white. White is associated with purity and perfection, so it can work in your favor if you are summoned to your boss’s office. A classic white button-up will go a long way, but an oversized white blazer or a pair of white dress pants will get just as much wear,” mentioned a contributor to


  • Brown — Think brown is boring? Think again. Brown is a color that makes you appear stable and trustworthy. This could be a great shade to wear to a job interview or on your first few days on the job when you are establishing trust with your supervisors and peers.


  • Red — You may not consider red to be a “work” color, but it can be if your goal is to be perceived as confident. This is the perfect shade to wear to a business meeting that you’re in charge of.


  • Blue — Blue is the color of wisdom and truth. Is it any wonder it’s one of the best colors to wear to work? “Blue also has a calming effect and is linked to intellect. It’s also the most stable color. So if you have a volatile or drama-filled workplace, blue is a great colour to wear to counteract the tension,” stated The Financial Post. The good news is that blue business attire is easy to find.

Are the Colors You Wear to Work Working for You?

When most people brainstorm ways to improve their performance and increase their influence at work, few think of wearing specific colors. Try implementing this and see if you don’t outperform your peers and set yourself up for a promotion or a raise.  

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