How to Approach a Recruiter after Job Termination

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3a How to Approach a Recruiter after Job TerminationMost people dread the idea of job termination. Unfortunately, every day, Canadians are laid off because of changing company structures and struggling businesses. If you are among these victims, you may dread searching for a new job. After all, how are you going to explain your job termination to a recruiter or hiring manager?

Rest assured; there is a job for you. However, landing your next position may involve deliberate strategies that typical job searches don’t require. For instance, the first step to bouncing back post job loss is to accept your current jobless status. Accept your job termination by controlling your reactions. There is no need to get mad or feel insecure. Such reactions may consume energy that could go into looking for new positions. Also, displaying signs of bitterness could deny you a new job opportunity.

A few pointers are listed below to help you successfully land a new job, no matter how stiff the competition or depressed the job market might be.

Conduct a Broad Job Search

Your chances of getting a new job can increase if you broaden the scope of your search. Unfortunately, being set on a specific location will limit your access to different recruiters in other locations. Therefore, consider applying for jobs locally, nationally, and even internationally.

In order to appeal to recruiters in different locations and demographics, be attentive to business magazines, newspapers, and publications. These sources may inform you about recruitment trends as well as common traits recruiters look for in job seekers.

Also, during the job search, don’t overlook small companies since they look to hire high calibre professionals just like large businesses. It may be valuable to diversify your job search this way.

Make Use of Job Referrals

Referrals can take your job search to the next level because many recruiters feel more confident hiring professionals who have glowing recommendations. The number of job referrals you accrue may depend on the size and connection of your professional network. Ask former workmates or other professionals to submit referrals to you directly or post them on your LinkedIn profile.

Carefully Approach Salary Negotiations

Finally, as with any job, don’t overstate or understate the issue of salary. It is good to wait for the recruiter to state the salary range first. Then, come up with a courteous and reasonable response, especially if the offer is lower than your previous earnings.

Most importantly, when trying to get a new job after you’ve been terminated from a previous position, it is important to explain your job termination clearly and without bitterness. The best approach to discussing this sensitive topic may be to wait for the recruiter to ask why you were terminated. Know that this question is not an accusation; recruiters simply want to collect all the facts before making a hiring decision.

Regardless of your current jobless status, you can be a hiring manager’s top choice. Just remain positive, confident, and connected as you search for your next position.


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