Before You Accept a Job, Ask Yourself These Questions

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Imagine that you’ve been searching for a job for months, when lo and behold, you receive a call from an employer who offers you a permanent position. You’re not just excited; you’re ready to throw a party! No more job searching, going to fruitless interviews and lacking steady income. Things are looking up for you.

Are you in this scenario in real life? If so, STOP! Before you give your official “yes” to your potential new employer, ask yourself a few questions…

“Will I Be Compensated Fairly?”

In the wake of the high a job offer brings, it’s easy for job seekers to convince themselves their compensation packages are sufficient when they are not.

“Is my compensation package fair? Will it meet my needs?” Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly before you commit to a job.

The only way you’ll come up with honest answers to these questions is by reading slowly through your offer letter several times. The letter may include all the information you need concerning salary, paid sick leave, vacation time, benefits, bonuses, etc., OR it may simply discuss salary. If an offer letter is not comprehensive, request more information so that you can make an educated decision.

“Have I Seriously Considered Other Options?”

How many positions have you applied to since you’ve been unemployed? How many interviews have you attended? How many jobs have you been offered? If you haven’t been actively seeking a job for long, or if the process has been a largely futile one, consider looking a bit longer or more strategically (enlist the help of a recruiter). You may find a job you like much better than the one currently being offered to you.

“What Will I Be Doing Each Day?”

This may seem like a silly question, but do you know exactly what your potential employer expects of you? If you do not know what time you must arrive and leave each day, what your duties (big and small) will include, what your job title is, and who your bosses will be/what they do, you are not ready to accept a position. Details can get glossed over in the exhilaration of a new career opportunity, but so can major pieces of crucial information. The only stupid questions are ones that remain unasked, so take the time to gather the facts you need.

Receiving an offer of employment after a period of job searching is elating. However, before you commit to a company, make sure that the job being offered is right for you. Knowing what your potential position entails, looking at your other job options, and considering whether or not the compensation being offered to you is fair will help you make sound career decisions.

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