A Guide to Staffing – Price Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

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How many times have you made a decision to purchase a cheaper product, only to find out that the quality reflected the price?  Doesn’t make much sense, does it? When it comes to decisions about a staffing partner, the same principle holds true. Why would you want to compromise your productivity and profitability by choosing an option that’s only benefit was that it was “cheaper?”

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Working with a true strategic staffing partner produces a value that far supersedes initial cost.  If your staffing provider provides temporary, or worse, permanent employees who are disengaged, unreliable and inefficient, the cost to your organization would far surpass any initial savings in cost.  When you choose a staffing partner, look for one that:

1. Has a commitment to quality.
Ask potential staffing providers for references or testimonials from other clients. Is their feedback targeted to specific results?  Do some research on a potential provider.  Has the provider earned any awards?

2. Has a team with the experience you need.
Experience isn’t just tied to a number. Have your potential staffing partners worked in your industry?  How long have their recruiters been with the company? What other similar positions have they filled in the past?

3. Takes the time to understand your business.
Your company isn’t the same as the other 100 companies who have walked through the door. Make sure your staffing agency treats you that way. A quality staffing agency should take the time to understand your organization, whether through phone calls, site visits or other communication. They should ask questions about your organization’s history, goals and needs. And they should follow up with solutions that are tailored to your business.

4. Has employees who represent their organization.
When you have a new employee join your company, you want that employee to be invested, interested and engaged in their job and your business. A quality staffing agency treats its employees as the most valuable resource. Employees treated well take an investment in their work – an investment that will translate to results for you.

When it comes to your business, you should never settle.
The team at Pinnacle offers customized staffing solutions tailored for your specific organizational needs.



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