7 Tips for Developing the Greatness in Your Employees

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When was the last time you referred to an employee as being great? Chances are you were using the word “great” in reference to his or her productivity, positive attitude, work ethic, skill level, etc. Sometimes it seems workers like this are few and far between. No doubt you wish the majority of your employees were great. Guess what? They can be.

7 Tips for Developing the Greatness in Your Employees

One of the privileges of being in a management position is getting to develop your employees professionally and bring out the best in them. There are numerous ways to do this; here are just a few:

1) Ask what your employees enjoy most about their jobs. Ask what they like least. Take notes and try to arrange for them to do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.

2) “Adapt (an employee’s) job to focus strongly on their interests and remove aspects that could be peripheral or even hinder them from accomplishing their ideal career. The main idea is to get them to define their own job roles,” advises Chris van Mossevelde, contributor to Universum.

3) Find out what motivates your employees, be it money, increased flexibility, or career advancement. This information will help you reward them in ways they value most.

4) Have each of your employees take a strengths-finder test. This type of test will blatantly tell you what your workers’ strengths are and save you from having to guess. Once you know your employees’ strengths, you can start intentionally developing them via training and mentoring.

5) Delegate some of your tasks to your personnel and reward them for jobs well done. This will teach them to voluntarily take on more responsibility and associate responsibility with reward.

6) Find out which employees truly want to advance in their careers. Then, ensure that they know exactly what to do to get promoted.

7) Give your workers space to shine. In her article 5 Things Smart Leaders Do to Empower Employees, Minda Zetlin spoke of the importance of getting out of an employee’s way so that he or she can grow into greatness. Zetlin quoted Hossein Kash Razzaghi, founder of Fancred, when she wrote, “Once I provide…vision, my job is to really allow my team to shine and do what they’re good at.”

Most employees are more powerful, capable, and talented than they appear to be. In fact, a number of your workers can be coached into greatness in simple ways like the ones mentioned above. Which of these tips will you implement this week?


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