5 Ways to Include Your Personal Brand in Your Resume

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Every job seeker needs a personal brand. Personal branding tells potential employers who you are, what you can do, and what you stand for. Branding your resume makes you more memorable to hiring managers and personalizes you, which can increase your chances of getting hired.

“Personal branding is what sets you apart. It’s what makes you more hirable – and more likable – than someone with similar qualifications.” — Jobscan blog  

Include Your Personal Brand in Your Resume with These 5 Tips

Ready to include your personal brand in your resume and increase your hireability? Here are five ways to do this:

1. Include symbols — Adding symbols such as a globe before your address, a phone before your phone number, and an @ symbol before your email address can personalize your resume and support your brand.

2. Consider using color — Most people don’t and shouldn’t use colors besides black and white on their resumes. However, if your personal brand is extremely creative or independent, adding in a little color might be useful to you. Use caution with this, as the wrong color (or too much of it) could make you appear less professional.

3. Add a logo — Most job seekers do not have a personal logo. This is precisely the reason you should consider getting one created. If you can have a logo made that represents your personal brand effectively and fits your budget, go for it.  

4. Use graphs and text boxes — Most hiring managers don’t fully read resumes — they scan them. Make your resume more scannable and promote your brand by using graphs and text boxes.

Career Rocketeer stated, “The information, positioning, and color scheme must be carefully thought out in order for this to work for you. The same holds true when inserting graphs in senior executive and sales professionals’ resumes.”

As always, all information should support your brand and make your resume more memorable to potential employers.

5. Include a photo — Should you include a photo with your resume? It’s tough to say. You may want to consult a resume writer before taking this step. However, in some cases a photo really adds a personal touch and helps to build a job seeker’s personal brand. This is a bold move, but it could be the right one for you depending upon the position you are applying for.    


What Does Your Resume Say About You?

Your resume should give employers a clear picture of who you are as a person. Including your personal brand in your resume helps ensure you communicate what you stand for and are passionate about in a professional way.

Do you need to revise your resume to include your personal brand?


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