5 Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever at Work

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With the start of the New Year, there’s no doubt that you have seen the phrase “Best Year Ever” splashed across planners and decorative signs, and hashtagged all over social media platforms. Everyone wants this year to be their best year ever, especially in the area of career and finances. Guess what? This year can be the best year you’ve ever had career-wise if you are willing to take a few simple actions.

5 Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever at Work

Ready to have your best year ever at work? If so, consider implementing a few of these tips…

1. Believe this will be your best year yet – It will be impossible for you to have a great year at work if you don’t believe it is possible. Ensure a promising start to 2017 by adopting a positive attitude that assumes this year will be amazing.

2. Prepare for the day ahead, the night before – Rushing around in the morning, trying to locate clothes, keys, and the like, is not a good start to the day. Set yourself up for success by laying out tomorrow’s work clothes, your keys, and things you need to take to the office, the night before. This may sound elementary, but it frees up a lot of mind space!

3. Hone in on one specific word for the year – “Naming” 2017 with one word can help you soar in your career. Jimmy Page, Vice President for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, said, “A one-word theme creates simplicity, clarity, and life change. Best of all, one word transforms not only what you do, but who you become; it impacts every area of life—physical, relational, mental, spiritual, emotional, vocational, and financial. One-word focus eliminates distractions and turns our intentions into actions.” What is your word for this year?

4. Kill distractions at work – Distractions aren’t harmless; they are deadly to your career goals. Being chronically distracted will definitely decrease your productivity and monopolize your time. To minimize distractions, consider totally unplugging from technology for specific blocks of time. During these chunks of time, only focus on the task at hand. Do this and you’ll get things done twice as fast.

5. Go off the grid – Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself at work is to go off the grid. This means making yourself unavailable to people for set periods of time. During these times you will be free to complete projects, take a break, or simply be alone and breathe. In 10 Ways to Eliminate Distractions, Leo Babauta wrote, “Make a Do Not Disturb sign to put on your desk when you need to concentrate. Let co-workers know that for those times when you have the sign up, you really need to focus and can’t be disturbed.” This may sound drastic, but it will drastically increase your chances of having a highly productive year at work.

If you want to this year to be your best year ever at work, you’ll have to make some changes. Adopting a positive attitude, naming the year, preparing for each day, fleeing from distractions, and occasionally being unavailable to coworkers are all changes that will move you toward your career goals. Which of these ideas are you willing to try?

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