5 Tips Recruiters Give Job Seekers

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5 Tips Recruiters Give Job SeekersTeaming up with a recruiter accelerates the job search process and makes it possible to land a rewarding  job. Recruiters connect unique talent with potential employers. It is important to know what behaviours help a recruiter make a successful connection. Understanding the role a recruiter plays enables job seekers to make the most of the employment search.

Knowing five tips recruiters give job seekers allows a hopeful individual to make the recruiter’s job easy. Being equipped with these skills and know-how can boost the chances of snagging a dream job.

5 Tips Recruiters Give Job Seekers

1)     Be Professional

  • Recruiters are professionals and deserve respect. Approach them like they are potential employers.
  • It is not good form to go behind a recruiter’s back and connect with a company’s HR department directly. The recruiter is an intricate part of the process from start to finish.

2)     Master Communication Skills

  • The ability to clearly articulate skills and experiences in written and spoken form are important to the job search process. A recruiter encourages these abilities but does not provide coaching.
  • Employers want positive employees. Do not express dissatisfaction or negative opinions about past work experiences in an interview or with a recruiter.

3)     Be Informed

  • Research prospect companies. Active job seekers should know as much as possible about potential employers.
  • Recruiters act as connectors and informants. It is up to the job seeker to interview well and prove he or she fits the position and company culture.

4)     Show “Netiquette”

  • Recruiters are drawn to job seekers who are active on social media networks, like LinkedIn. This shows that job seekers value networking and makes it easy to establish connections with potential employers.
  • Supply easy and appropriate email addresses and local phone numbers on all e-mail correspondence and attachments.

5)     Be Willing to Learn

  • Recruiters and employers are eager to hire candidates who realize their knowledge gaps and desire to fill them.
  • Two traits that are sought out and highly prized are flexibility and willingness to adapt.

With this insight, it is possible to help recruiters create successful relationships with employers. Approaching a job search with these skills in place allow for an individual to make the most of working with a recruiter. A recruiter can help a job seeker best when he or she is professional, informed, and willing to learn.

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