5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

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Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

“I HATE my job!” How many times in the past year has this been your sentiment? Probably a considerable amount if you’re part of the 80-plus percent of workers who would like to quit their jobs. This statistic is mind-blowing. It insinuates that the majority of employed individuals are dissatisfied enough with their jobs that they want to throw in the towel. Is this the position you find yourself in? If so, there are a few things you should consider before you make the decision to walk away from your workplace.

Are You Sure You Want to Quit Your Job?

So, you detest your workplace and want to get out of there ASAP. Fair enough. However, ask yourself these questions before you quit:


  • “Do I have savings?” – If you don’t have a sizeable savings account that covers about 3 months’ worth of living expenses, stay put in your job until you have saved some money.


  • “Am I looking for greener grass?” – Are you the type of person who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side? If so, remember that the grass is greenest where you water it. Sure, some jobs are legitimate nightmares. Those who find themselves in such positions can indeed find better work situations. However, a significant percentage of job hoppers are constantly looking for perfection. There is no such thing. Try and make the best of your current job by adopting a positive attitude and taking full ownership of your position for a few weeks. If after that you are still unhappy, start searching for another job.


  • “Will leaving my current job damage my resume?” – The length of time you’ve been at your current job should factor into your decision to quit or stay. Potential employers want to see that you can stay with a position for at least a year – ideally longer. If you’ve only been at your job for a few months, think about muscling through it for a bit longer in order to maintain the integrity of your resume.


  • “Can I pursue my dream while staying in my current position?” – Many employed individuals want to quit their jobs for the purpose of starting businesses. Before you implement your plan, find out if it would be feasible to pursue your dream while keeping your current job. Entrepreneur/corporate employee Rosie Paterson wrote, “You should follow your own path. For me, that means working full time while I start my business. I know I need the safety net of some savings to tide me through, and I’m still making useful contacts every day.” Like Paterson, perhaps staying with your job while starting a business on the side is the best route to take.


  • “Am I mad at someone I work with?” – This one’s a biggie. People commonly want to quit their jobs because they are offended at those they work with. If you’ve recently had a falling out with a coworker, this could be the main reason why you want to leave your workplace. Never make a decision when you are angry. Instead, give yourself some time to cool off. Only when you feel emotionally stable should you make such a critical decision as whether or not to quit your job.


There is a myriad of reasons why people quit jobs; some are good, some are bad. Determine your true motivation before you walk away from your workplace. Remember, once you quit, there is usually no going back.















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  1. Good Points! People generally don’t think anything before leaving their job,but it’s necessary to keep these points in mind before quitting. Thanks!

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