5 Networking Tools to Optimize Your Job Search

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Most jobs are filled through networking (85 percent, according to a contributor to LinkedIn). This means job seekers should be proactive in networking. In fact, your next job may depend on your networking skills, strategies, and tools.

Optimize Your Job Search with These 5 Networking Tools

No one should be unemployed simply due to a lack of networking. What today’s job seeker needs more than anything are networking tools like these:

  • Business cards — In an electronic age, it’s important to remember that professionals are drawn to a personal touch. This is why business cards will never become outdated. If you don’t have any, invest in some quality business cards, and don’t be shy about giving them to people you meet while out and about or at networking events.


  • Thank-you notes — In the corporate world, manners matter. For example, sending someone a thank-you note for being a reference for you isn’t just good manners, but it’s also good business. You can bet that individual will remember your thoughtfulness and continue to do favors for you. Thank-you notes should be a prime tool in your networking toolbelt.  


  • Social media accounts — Social media platforms are some of the best networking tools available to job seekers. Best of all, they are free. Facebook and Instagram aren’t merely social — they are ideal sites for forming professional connections. Above all, job seekers should create a LinkedIn account and be as active as possible on the platform. LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network. Read more about creating a LinkedIn profile in our blog article How to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile Summary.  


  • Skype — All electronic devices have Skype. Do you know how to use it? If not, find out how to get started Skyping here. Skype is a free web conferencing platform that makes it easy for you to connect with individuals in your professional network. It can enable you to have a face-to-face interaction with just about anyone and should be part of your networking strategy.   

Networking Tools Really Do Impact Your Job Search

Do you want to network more effectively this year and finally find a job worth keeping? If so, you need…

  1. Business cards
  2. Thank-you notes
  3. Social media accounts (especially LinkedIn)
  4. Skype

These networking tools can have a huge impact on the job opportunities that come your way.

What is your personal favorite networking tool?

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