5 Compelling Reasons to Make Your Recruitment Process More Collaborative

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Many corporate leaders believe collaborative hiring is the future of recruitment. In fact, “One of the hiring principles that made Apple a successful organization was Steve (Jobs’) belief in a collaborative hiring process,” wrote a contributor to LinkedIn.

A collaborative hiring process delivers many benefits to an organization. For example, according to recruitee, companies that hire collaboratively: 

  1. Lessen recruiters’ stress levels
  2. Hire candidates who are better cultural fits for the company
  3. Improve the candidate experience
  4. Increase employee retention
  5. Decrease time to hire

Simply making your hiring process more collaborative can produce these results. 

What is Collaborative Hiring? 

Collaborative hiring is not a new idea; it is simply team-based hiring. Collaborative hiring opens the assessment process up and allows many team members to weigh in on whom should be hired. In a collaborative hiring process, “HR professionals work together with the company’s employees during the whole recruitment process. This is why…collaborative recruiting is also known as ‘team-based hiring,’” stated Talent Lyft.

3 Ways to Make Your Recruitment Process More Collaborative

Ready to create a more collaborative recruitment process? Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

1. Set up an employee referral program — Creating an employee referral program will immediately make your hiring process more collaborative as it gives every employee the chance to be a recruiter for your organization.

When setting up an employee referral program, first decide what incentives you will offer staff for submitting referrals from their personal professional networks. Incentives will also encourage them to share job ads via their social media channels, which can take your message over 561 percent further than it would reach if shared on your company’s channel only.

Find some ideas for creating an employee referral program here.  

2. Implement panel interviews — A one-to-one interview, or an interview that involves just two other team members, is not collaborative. To make your interview process more team-based, implement panel interviews. The Medium HR blog stated,

“By involving more people as interviewers, you will be able to achieve an in-depth, detailed assessment of every candidate…. Having more people share their perspectives on candidates can also help you avoid unconscious biases and improve your hiring diversity!”

Also, panel interviews take the stress off of just one or two interviewers and distribute it evenly among an entire team of employees.

3. Find out who wants to be involved in hiring — Do you know which of your team members wants to be involved in the hiring process? If not, you might be missing out on including decision-makers that could really add value to the hiring process.

Of course, not just any employee should be part of the recruitment team. Only you know which employees you are open to inviting into the hiring process. But if you are only including team members from one or two departments, it might be time to allow employees across several departments in on the recruitment process. 

To get an idea of who wants more say-so when it comes to hiring, survey select employees, or send out an email that welcomes in-person discussions about this topic.

Make Better Hiring Decisions with Collaborative Hiring

By creating an employee referral program, implementing panel interviews, and including employees across a variety of departments in the recruitment process, you can transform your hiring process into one that is highly collaborative. As a result, your company will make better hiring decisions overall.

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