4 Ways to Use Technology to Motivate Employees

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Gallup conducted a study in 2015 which revealed that only 30 percent of employees are engaged with their jobs. Lack of engagement equals lack of motivation, which causes an array of organizational problems. Conversely, a motivated workforce has incredibly positive effects on a company. A motivated workforce

  • Is more productive
  • Has lower levels of absenteeism
  • Has less turnover
  • Offers better customer service
  • Has better industrial relations with trade unions

Are your employees as motivated as you’d like them to be?

How to Motivate Employees with Technology

Some types of technology can distract employees. On the other hand, certain technologies can capture the attention of workers and motivate them to work harder. Here are two simple ways to motivate employees using technology:


  1. Get feedback in real time — Asking employees for feedback makes them feel valued and gives company leaders the information they need to continuously move the organization toward its goals. Use technology to motivate employees by getting their feedback in real time with HR software. “Instant feedback mechanisms can significantly improve engagement and motivation by consistently guiding employees in the right direction,” said Entrepreneur Network. This type of software also allows employers to conduct automated performance reviews.


  1. Promote collaborative learning — Collaborative learning is fun and effective. Leverage technology to promote collaborative learning by using sites like Asana, Jira, and Basecamp. A Shift eLearning contributor wrote, “These sites let you create, organize, and delegate tasks, sharing certain elements into shared projects. You can also have conversations and chats between tasks.”


  1. Implement an LMS — Another way to use technology to promote collaborative learning and motivate employees is to launch a social learning management system (LMS). Most corporate LMSs have built-in collaborative learning tools like real-time chat, calendaring, and video conferencing. Before you invest in an LMS (they can be pricey), be sure to conduct a product demo.


  1. Let employees use social media at work — There are widely differing opinions about whether or not to allow people to use social media in the workplace. Some companies forbid the use of social media while at work, whereas others encourage it or are indifferent to it. Company leaders will feel empowered when they learn social media can be leveraged in the workplace for good. For example, the Society of Human Resource Management wrote, “Organizations can make use of social media in a variety of ways….
  • Departments can hold brainstorming sessions or maintain ongoing conversations with questions and answers on a blog
  • Teams can use wikis to manage projects, share best practices, and research case studies
  • The CEO can keep a blog or record a podcast
  • Organizations can immediately deliver news to employees.”

Company leaders can also use social media as a training resource, which can further motivate employees.

Are Your Employees Motivated?

Technology can be a distraction in the workplace, but it can also be a great motivator for employees. How does your company use technology to motivate employees?

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