4 Ways to Create a Sustainable Workplace That Attracts Top-Talent Employees

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Creating a work environment that draws the best of the best employees isn’t as easy as implementing a few changes that promise improved company culture. Many of these “culture-changing” tips have more to do with making over a company’s exterior perks than its interior values.

Certainly employees are drawn to perks, but top-talent employees are more attracted to companies with strong values that align with their own. If you want to fill your workforce with amazing workers, focus on creating a workplace with strong values. One value that high-quality employees love is sustainability.

Millennials Love Companies That Value Sustainability

Did you know that Millennials comprise about a third of the workforce? In years to come, this figure will grow. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consider what company values this generation is most interested in.

“Given that 90 percent of millennials consider sustainability a top factor in their employment decisions, it’s crucial that executives looking to recruit this generation emphasize sustainability, purpose-driven work and their commitments to doing good in the workplace,” stated Recruiter.com.

Is your workplace sustainable?

4 Ways to Create an Environmentally Friendly Workplace

Drawing talented Millennial employees can be as simple as creating an environmentally friendly workplace. Here are four ways to promote a sustainable company that is attractive to talented Millennial candidates:

1) Make sustainability a core value — If sustainability isn’t a core value of your company, it won’t become a reality in the way your business operates. Make sure everyone on board understands the benefits of sustainability and knows why it is becoming a core value of your organization.


2) Define the benefits of sustainability — Before you can convince your leaders and workforce that sustainability is important, you have to first define the benefits of an environmentally friendly workplace.

“…sustainable business practices save money, simplify operations and build brand equity. (Once you understand this), you will continually seek new ways to embrace these practices. At the same time, you will be making things better for the environment and for future generations. After all, sustainable business is just good business,” stated How to Build a Sustainable Business.


3) Recycle — Recycling is an important best practice for an environmentally friendly workplace. Many company leaders think they are effectively recycling but are making the mistake of mixing non-recyclable materials in with recyclables. This can contaminate recyclables and damage the environment. To prevent this, educate employees about recycling and remind them that it is vital to keep non-recyclable materials out of the recycle bins.  


4) Ensure office supplies aren’t wasted — Four million disposable pens are thrown out daily in the U.S., according to the Huffington Post. A contributor pointed this out to wake people up to the incredible amount of waste that happens in the average office and suggested businesses begin ordering reusable pens (the kind that require ink refills).

“Additionally, consider appointing someone – another member of staff, or office manager – to oversee and keep track of the stationary cupboard. Be transparent by explaining to your team that the process isn’t to take everyone back to their school days, but to ‘green’ up the office. Eventually, people will start to realize the need to take ownership of their own environmental footprint and impact,” stated the Huffington Post.

Implementing these tips will jumpstart your sustainability initiative.

Is Your Company Sustainable?

If your company isn’t sustainable, that could be a reason why it isn’t attracting incredible employees. Establishing an environmentally friendly workplace may be the perfect solution for your company. Not only will this benefit your organization, it will also benefit the environment. Win-win.

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  1. There are a lot of benefits of a sustainable workplace such as the following: increases employee productivity by reducing work-related illnesses, injuries, and accidents. Also, thank you for sharing these helpful tips. Looking forward to reading more informational content in this site..

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