4 Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

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About 10 percent of job seekers have applied to at least 50 jobs and not been called in for an interview for a single one. Since only 4-6 resumes per 250 elicit a call for an interview, these individuals’ resumes probably aren’t making the cut.

Why Is Your Resume Getting Passed Over?

If you aren’t hearing back from potential employers, the problem could be your resume. If this is the case, this is good news since most resume problems are a simple fix.

Here are a few common reasons why resumes get dismissed just minutes into being reviewed:

  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Improper formatting
  • Using cliches instead of being original

Having a proofreader go over your resume will help you spot and correct these errors.

“Over 40% of recruiters are put off by too much design on a resume, such as snazzy borders, inappropriate fonts, clipart images…..or even an emoji!” — Undercover Recruiter

Make Your Resume Distinct by Writing Effective Bullet Points: 4 Tips

In addition to correcting the problems that may be getting your resume rejected, it’s important to add value to your resume by writing bullet points that help your resume stand out. Here are four ways to do this:

1. Focus on your accomplishments — Highlighting your responsibilities in a bullet point is a mistake. Instead, focus on your accomplishments. This is more compelling and makes your resume unique.

2. Use action words — When writing bullet points, it’s best to use action words. Words like ‘initiated’, ‘created’, ‘managed’, ‘directed’ and ‘restructured’ are some good examples. Words like these put the emphasis on your accomplishments and pull readers in.

3. Include numbers to appraise results — If you really want to get a reader’s attention, include numbers to quantify results. “Quantifying your results makes them a whole lot more meaningful, since they show employers how work you’ve done has concretely impacted the company,  e.g. ‘cut down paperwork by 75 percent.’” stated Recruiter.com.

4. Put the most important information first — What information do you want your readers to definitely know about you? Put the bullet points containing that info near the top of the list. Hiring managers and recruiters may just skim your resume, so make the most vital information as obvious as possible.

Does Your Resume Stand Out?

If you are in the 10 percent of individuals who have applied to dozens of jobs and not been contacted for an interview, it’s time to do a resume overhaul. Start with correcting common problems, such as grammatical errors. Then rewrite your bullet points to reflect your accomplishments, not your responsibilities.

Is your resume getting the results you want? If not, how could you improve it?

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