3 Ways Employees Can Help Make Their Workplace Green in 2019

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Besides the fact that they are industry leaders, what do you think companies like Walmart, Coca Cola, Home Depot, Honda, and McDonald’s have in common? They have all gone green (i.e., adopted eco-friendly and sustainable business practices).

Some people assume organizational leaders want to make companies more sustainable because it’s good for the environment. While that’s partly true, it’s not the whole story. Going green benefits the environment, but it also benefits businesses directly.

How Going Green Benefits Businesses

For organizations, going green often promotes a better bottom line. And according to Thrive Hive, a sustainable company:

— Has better employee productivity

— Offers workspaces that increase the physical health of staff

— Has a more effective brand image and reputation

— Gets special tax breaks

To make companies sustainable, many organizational leaders are developing strategies for going green. Cooperating with a green initiative isn’t merely ethical — it may also help to advance your career as you align your values with the values of the company.

Make Your Company Green in 2019 With These 3 Tips  

Want to make your boss happy and add value to your company in 2019? Then implement these tips for creating and supporting a sustainable workplace:

1. Ask how you can help — If you are not sure how to support your company’s green transformation, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor how you can help. What aspects of the green initiative should be most heavily emphasized? Asking about this will cause your boss to feel supported and will give you an idea of what management is expecting of you.

2. Recycle — Recycling is just as important at work as it is at home. Some people have more to throw away at work since they order out for lunch, sometimes daily, and often use disposable plates, bowls, utensils, etc. Do your company a huge favor by looking at what you are about to toss out and then placing it into the correct trash bin.

3. Reuse office supplies — Most companies go through an incredible amount of supplies each day. Employees with fast-paced jobs probably don’t have sustainability at the forefront of their mind. As a result, office supplies that could easily be reused get thrown out.

“Items like old binders, file folders, paper clips, pens and pencils, rubber bands, and interoffice mail folders can all be used over and over again,” stated All Business.

To help yourself remember to reuse office supplies, keep a reminder close to your desk. This could also help your coworkers be more mindful of conserving company resources.

Has Your Company Gone Green Yet?

If your company has yet to go green, consider suggesting it. Management may very well take your suggestion to heart. If you plan to do this, be sure to do a little research before speaking with your boss on why adopting sustainable business practices is beneficial for companies, and what practices can be most easily implemented.

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