3 Unique Strategies for Acing Any Job Interview

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Image courtesy of bluediamondgallery.com

Image courtesy of bluediamondgallery.com

Sometimes it seems that if you’ve read one article about job interview tips, you’ve read them all. While tips such as “polish your resume” and “look put together and professional” are helpful, they aren’t groundbreaking. In other words, they won’t give you an edge in your interviews. Do you want to ace your next job interview? If so, you need more than a few tips; you need some unique, effective strategies.

3 Strategies That Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

No one wants to go into an interview unprepared. However, nearly everyone does. Sure, most people know the basics of interview etiquette, but that’s not enough. It’s only those who have taken the time to research not-so-obvious interview strategies who will walk away from interviews feeling triumphant.

Ready to finally land your dream job? If so, consider these 3 unique strategies for interview success:


  1. Do a Social Media Cleanse Before Your Interview – You more than likely know that potential employers look at candidates’ social media accounts prior to hiring them. Put your best face forward by using an app called Social Sweepster. This app deletes photos and posts that may be considered red flags. The CEO of Social Sweepster, Tom McGrath, says, “Too many recruiters reject candidate(s) because of something they found on their social platforms. We help you create the first impression on your own terms.” Use this strategy if your social media accounts need a clean sweep.


  1. Schedule Your Interview at an Advantageous Time – Not all interview time slots are created equal. Some are much more advantageous to job seekers than others. In particular, Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11: 30 AM is the best possible interview time. Whatever you do, avoid scheduling an interview first thing in the morning, at the end of the day, on a Monday, or on a Friday.


  1. Wear Your Best Colors – If you didn’t already know, wearing the colors that most flatter you is an incredibly powerful job interview strategy. Most job interview tips will advise you to wear shades such as navy or black. This will not be as effective as wearing colors that make you seem warm, believable, authentic, and interesting. The article The Power in Clothing and Color Choices for Job Interviews says, “Many people underestimate the power of the colours they wear for job interviews, but color sends a significant subconscious message to the interviewer about your character, your attitude and your personality. It can convey your current level of professionalism and sophistication, your honesty and reliability, and your self-confidence.” Learn more about personal color analysis here. Note: this strategy is not just for women!


What interview strategies have served you well in the past?




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  1. Amazing post! Once you are chosen for an interview, it’s not always going to be enough to arrive early, smile at the right times, answer the questions properly, ask the right questions, and then conduct all the proper follow-up tasks.

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