3 Tips for Making Company Culture Stand Out Online

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Company culture is becoming increasingly important. When it is healthy, retention is boosted, brand identity is strengthened, and organizations develop a competitive edge.

These benefits are significant enough, but there are many more advantages to having great company culture.

Benefits of Strong Corporate Culture

The list of benefits of healthy corporate culture is constantly being added to. Just a few benefits of strong company culture include:

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“Corporate culture…is actually becoming even more important as the modern workplace continues to evolve.” — Forbes

Emphasize Company Culture Online with These 3 Tips

While company culture should be obvious in the physical workplace, it should also be evident online. Since online is the first place most people start searching for a job, it is especially important that organizational culture is represented well there.

Here are three ways to emphasize company culture online:

1. Show your company’s personality — Just like a person, companies have personalities. Some are fun, energetic, and creative. Others are detail-focused, driven, and futuristic.

Whatever your organization’s personality is, make it evident online by adjusting the tone of your web content to support it and keeping graphics and color scheme in line with it. These small tweaks will have a big impact on whether or not your company’s personality/culture is communicated effectively online.


2. Display photos of your workplace — Potential employees want to know where they will be working if they come on board with your business. Show them what your workplace looks like online. Include photos of staff at work in their individual workspaces. This will help job seekers visualize themselves at your company and will weed out those who immediately get the sense that they won’t be a good fit.

If the appearance of your workplace doesn’t reflect company culture, consider giving your business a makeover before displaying photos of it online.


3. Highlight company projects — Use the company website to display projects your team is currently working on or has completed in the past. A contributor to Recruiter.com wrote,

“Show candidates the projects you’ve recently worked on to give them tangible examples of what’s important to your organization and the kind of work they can expect to do if they join. You don’t want to give away your secret sauce, but featuring case studies related to specific departments or overall company goals can show candidates the scale and level of complexity at which you operate.”

Mention the projects you are most proud of to draw potential employees who are likely to be interested in working on similar projects.

What Type of Online Presence Does Your Company Have?

Does your company have a strong online presence that represents its culture accurately? If not, promote company culture online by:

  • Displaying your business’s personality through web content and color scheme
  • Showing photos of your workplace.
  • Mentioning notable company projects.

Each of these tips will help attract talented candidates to your company organically.


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