3 Recession-Proof Industries You Should Consider

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Most people want more job stability — especially those who experienced the ravages of the Great Recession. “The Great Recession of 2008 was the 10th recession to strike this country since 1948,” stated the balance careers. “With 10 such events in about 60 years, these economic slowdowns, unfortunately, aren’t all that unusual. With an abundance of horror stories of people losing their jobs and taking a long time to recover, you may be thinking it would be wise to look at recession-proof jobs.”

Are you looking for a job that would survive a future recession? If so, read on.

3 Industries That Would Likely Withstand a Recession

Hopefully, another economic recession won’t happen anytime soon. But it’s good to secure a job that could withstand a recession should one hit. Here are a few industries to consider: 

1. Accounting — No matter the state of the economy, there will always be a need for accountants. According to CNBC, just 2.2 percent of accountant are unemployed currently. Also, accounting was mentioned in CNBC’s list of professions that will survive the next recession. A contributor to CNBC quoted Michael Cooke, a partner at The Execu|Search Group: “(Accounting is one of those areas that you can’t beat in terms of being relatively recession proof…. There are never enough people for audit or tax.” 

2. Insurance — If you’re looking for a stable career, you might find that insurance is the industry for you. Insurance is something that everyone needs, and that will never change. A contributor to Monster.com wrote, “…insurance is fairly recession-proof, because insurance companies tend to be fiscally conservative and Americans need insurance whether the economy is up or down.” Those considering a career in insurance should keep in mind that insurance agent is not the only role available in the insurance industry. You could also work in human resources, claims, marketing, or underwriting, so don’t rule out the industry if you aren’t particularly interested in being an agent.  

3. Logistics and transportation — Another industry that is likely to withstand a recession is logistics and transportation. Even in a stressed economy, the need to move goods from one place to another will remain critical (transportation), as will the demand for professionals that can successfully pack products for storage and shipment (logistics). AllAboutCareers stated, “Every person and every industry in the world is influenced by, and depends upon, transport and logistics. Consequently, there are so many diverse careers available in this exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing sector.” Careers in transportation and logistics include Supply-Chain Manager, Purchasing Manager, Inventory Manager, Logistics Engineer, Trucker, and more. 

Do you feel confident that your job could survive a recession? If not, what recession-proof job(s) are you most interested in? 

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