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3 Productivity-enhancing Mobile Apps Managers Will Love

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‘App’ is a word that comes up frequently in conversations these days. You probably hear statements and questions like “have you downloaded this new app?”, “this app is changing the way I _,” and “I don’t know how I got by without this app” often. Mobile applications truly can be helpful and even life-changing. However, most aren’t designed to enhance productivity at work. If anything, the vast majority of apps, particularly mobile apps, can be distracting in the workplace. The good news is that some apps can boost employee productivity. A whitepaper by Attendance on Demand stated,

“…experts believe mobile apps may actually increase employee productivity. In a survey conducted by Mobile Helix, employers estimated that using mobile apps would boost employee productivity 40 percent. An Australian company put this to the test by migrating its core HR systems to mobile apps and saw a 500 percent increase in adoption and a huge increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Clearly, mobile app usage in the workplace can significantly boost employee productivity. The question is which apps have this effect?

3 Productivity-enhancing Mobile Apps Managers Will Love

Mobile apps do so much more than just track calories. In the business world, they foster team collaboration, drive sales, and streamline day-to-day corporate processes. Here are a few mobile apps that are known to increase productivity in the workplace:

  • ConnecTeamConnecTeam is an app that enables an employer to brand and share resources with workers. It gives employees access to training course files and “is a highly effective tool to reduce costs and ensure productivity amongst staff,” according to Forbes. Forbes also said, “One brand recently claimed to have finished a company-wide course within 10 days. It reported a savings of 90% of its allocated budget because employees were able to access the budget on the app.” This may be an app worth looking into for company leaders needing to lower bottom lines and boost efficiency.


  • MangoApps – Looking to promote team collaboration and heighten productivity? If so, MangoApps may be helpful to you. MangoApps is Intranet software that is an interactive, single source of information that helps employees quickly find the resources they need to do their jobs. This software is brilliant at strengthening a company’s internal communications and facilitating productivity. MangoApps is available on desktops as well as mobile devices.


  • WISPWISP is the perfect app for new employees who want to get off to a great start. This mobile app was designed to make employee onboarding and training a breeze, and also to improve engagement, both of which do nothing but good things for team productivity. In 2016, William Tincup, president of RecruitingDaily.com, listed WISP in the 100 + HR Technologies Worth Watching. Why? Because, it greatly improves HR activities like onboarding, sharing company news, and creating polls. WISP is, without a doubt, an app that increases employee productivity.

Which mobile apps does your company leverage to increase productivity? Would you as a company decision maker ever consider having your team utilize apps like ConnecTeam, MangoApps, and WISP?

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