3 Job Interview Hacks for Introverts

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Let’s face it: most people dread job interviews. This can be especially true for introverts or shy individuals who don’t feel confident in their communication skills. By implementing a few tips, introverts can make job interviews not just bearable, but possibly even enjoyable.

3 Job Interview Tips for Introverts

Some introverts have a hard time expressing themselves in job interviews. These three job interview hacks will help any introvert ace his or her next meeting with a hiring manager:

1. Begin building your energy pre-interview — “Extroversion and introversion are about energy,” wrote Michael Segovia, a contributor to Recruiter.com. He explained that introverts often need to build their energy up before participating in something as significant and social as a job interview. He stated,

“If the interview is on a Monday, spend time by yourself over the weekend. Write down the ideas you want to communicate to the interviewer, and reflect on why you are the best person for the job. Practice your interview answers with a trusted friend so you can hear yourself speaking the words that will work best for you in the upcoming interview. Do what you need to rest up and build energy so that you have enough to use come Monday.”

2. Only let yourself stress about the beginning of the interview — For an introvert, the thought of being questioned for an hour by strangers can be daunting. This population can make things mentally easier prior to an interview by remembering that the very beginning of an interview is likely to stick with a potential employer and should thus be the only part of an interview they allow themselves to stress over.

People remember first impressions, especially hiring managers. While introverts should prepare for all parts of an interview by implementing Segovia’s tips mentioned above, they should pay special attention to preparing for the beginning. Introverts can ensure a successful start to an interview by practicing their greeting, handshake and opening lines. Also, planning to wear a stand-out professional outfit will go a long way in promoting a great first impression.

3. Be confident in who you are — Introverts are not second-class citizens in the workplace. They bring just as much to the table as extraverts. Since our culture tends to praise extraversion, it can be easy for introverts to get down on themselves or, even worse, try to change themselves. All this does is send a vibe that you are not confident in who you are, which is the opposite of what you want to communicate at a job interview.

To build your self-confidence, make a list of your top strengths and study it until you start to believe that you are a valuable job candidate. Your self-worth will translate in your next job interview and increase your chances of landing the right job for you.

Are you an introvert? If so, what hacks have gotten you through difficult job interviews in the past?


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