3 Highly Transferable Skills You Need to Be Learning Now

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There are several skills that will increase your marketability and competitiveness as a job candidate, and will ultimately help you get hired. Although the economy in many parts of the world is depressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these are skills you should consider learning now. Why? Because when jobs become more plentiful in the future, these skills will help you land the job you want or position yourself for promotion at your current job. 

Top 3 Resume-Building Skills You Should Learn Starting Today

Do you want to add weight to your resume and make yourself the best job candidate you can be? If so, learn these three skills, which were mentioned in WikiJob’s 10 Most Important Transferable Skills List: 

1. Flexibility — Employers want to hire individuals with a robust skill set that allows them to work in a variety of capacities within an organization. In other words, they want to onboard job candidates who can be flexible. “In an increasingly competitive jobs market, companies want to recruit employees who can diversify and complete multiple tasks and roles,” explained WikiJob. “When you have a diverse skill set, this will set you apart from the other applicants and shows you have greater flexibility.” MindTools suggests the following best practices for strengthening your ability to be more flexible: focusing on your core values, building a strong support network, and cultivating open-mindedness. Read about some other ways to become more flexible here.  

2. Leadership — Many companies are in need of more and better leadership, so by strengthening your leadership skills, you will set yourself up to get hired or become better at your current job. “Leadership skills include traits like strong communication, relationship building and dependability,” stated Indeed’s Career Guide. “You can transfer leadership skills to many different industries because most employers value people who can organize teams to reach shared goals.” Interested in building your leadership skills? Consider reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. 

3. Data analysis — One of the most important, transferable hard skills you can learn is data analysis. If you have the ability to accurately analyze data, you make yourself much more valuable to a company, increasing the chances that you’ll either get hired or get a promotion. “Being able to analyse data is a key task in many different businesses,” stated WikiJob. “From identifying patterns to understanding customer metrics, the ability to evaluate information effectively will contribute in some way to the business.” The best way to gain data analysis skills is to take an online training course in data analysis with a readily available instructor who has the capacity to work with each learner individually.

What Transferable Skills Are You Gaining? 

Those who have mastered several highly transferable skills, such as flexibility, leadership, and data analysis, often find it easier to get hired or get promoted. What transferable skills would you like to learn or strengthen within the next few months?

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