10 Interview Questions That Will Impress Employers

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Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

As a job seeker, have you noticed how the tone of job interviews has changed over the past few years? It seems that interviews nowadays are less about a candidate feeling put on trial and more about comfortable, two-way conversation. Sure, there is still an element of formality to a job interview; that will probably always be the case. However, most interviewers have become wise to the fact that candidates are more transparent when put at ease.

Interviewers Expect Job Candidates to Ask Questions

Did you know that the majority of employers expect job candidates to ask questions during interviews? (This is getting easier for prospective employees as interviews evolve and become more candidate-friendly.) Potential employees who do not ask questions may be perceived as disinterested. Job seekers can ensure that they are perceived as warm, engaging, and competent by simply asking a few strategic questions.

Impress Employers with These 10 Interview Questions

If you feel like you’re no good at coming up with questions to ask during job interviews, you’re not alone. Make things a little easier on yourself by asking a few of these questions during your next job interview:

1) I understand that this organization’s mission is _ (be sure you know the mission!). How does the position I am applying for contribute to the mission?

2) What questions can I answer for you that will help you make your decision about hiring me?

3) I feel that I am an ideal candidate for this position. Based on what you know of me, what are 3 qualities of mine that you think would make me a good fit for this job?

4) If I were to fill this position, would I have opportunities for growth?

5) How does this company train its employees?

6) What is this organization’s employee-turnover rate?

7) Do you think this position will evolve over the next couple of years? If so, how? I want to be prepared for long-term success.

8) Tell me about one obstacle you’ve encountered on your journey with this company. How did you overcome it?

9) What do you enjoy best about working here? What do you enjoy least?

10) In what ways did the last person who filled this position do a fantastic job? In what ways could he or she have done better?

Remember, when it comes to asking questions with confidence, practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to read through these questions a few times and then have a stellar interview. You can have an amazing interview, but only if you practice asking and answering questions. Make it fun by recruiting a friend to be your practice interviewer.

Obviously, you should modify these questions to fit your personal style of language. You don’t want your wording to seem forced or over-rehearsed. Most employers will appreciate it if it’s apparent that you’ve spent a sufficient amount of time preparing for an interview. Still, you want to seem as relaxed and confident as you can.

What questions have you asked in past interviews that seemed to go over well with employers? Share your experiences with us in the section below.

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  1. It’s a good advice for job seekers that when you attend an interview, you need to interview the employer right back. This shows how confident you are and the knowledge you have about the specific field. When an employer asks do have have any questions, he wants to see whether you are prepared, educated and inquisitive or not.

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