Should I Purchase a Premium LinkedIn Account?

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LinkedIn has quickly become a must-have for many professionals, particularly those in sales, marketing or recruiting. With more than 100 million members, LinkedIn provides a great deal of potential for both businesses and professionals (particularly those who are looking for work).

Does a premium account make sense for you?

LinkedIn provides detailed benefits and pricing information for its premium account here. And to determine if a premium LinkedIn account is a good fit for your professional goals, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does it make sense for your job? If you work in sales or recruiting, then the ability to send InMails and initiative introductions may make the cost of a membership worthwhile. For other professions, the cost may not be worth the perceived benefit.
  2. Are there other ways to reach out to people of interest? InMails can be an effective tool; however, joining LinkedIn groups can also provide a way for you to interact with professionals of interest – without the cost. If you can find other ways to connect with professionals on LinkedIn, you may want to save yourself the fees.
  3. Is it important for you to be easily found? Are you actively searching for work? Or are you simply looking to build your network and meet more like-minded professionals? If you are an active job seeker, purchasing a premium account will help you rank higher in searches. You can also participate in OpenLink, an easier way for people to reach out to you (and hopefully bring you offers of employment!).
  4. Have you maximized the benefits of your free account first? Have you actively engaged in networking and connections with your free LinkedIn account? Have you joined groups and participated in discussions? If you haven’t been using your free LinkedIn account to the fullest, you likely won’t get much benefit out of a premium account (only added cost). If, after you have fully utilized your free account, you feel that you would benefit from the added functionality, then a premium account may be the right option for you.

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  1. I do not have a premium account yet, but have been totally maximizing the free one. I created two groups, Indigenous Economic Development and Aboriginal Human Resources. They now have 700+ and 600+ members each, respectively.

    The amount of networking and exposure I get is incredible. Being able to bounce ideas off of so many talented people in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and many other places has been invaluable to me.

    I echo your sentiments about making the most of the free account first.

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