Screen Job Candidates by Asking THESE Questions

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tumblr_inline_mr6jidlKyL1qz4rgpScreening candidates is a vital aspect of the job interview process. It is not typically as stress inducing as interviewing a job seeker in-person, but it can still be intimidating.

Are you an employer or manager who is responsible for screening job candidates? If so, read on to discover some great ideas for your next screening appointment.

The Perfect Candidate-Screening Questions

Here are a few questions that will help you properly screen any job candidate:

“What is the best job you have ever had? What is the worst?” – These questions will prove themselves to be invaluable to you when screening an individual. The answers will give you an inside look at what type of work situation a job seeker truly enjoys and is a good fit for. Since there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, they are perfect conversation-starters.

 — “Why do you want this job?” – This is an ingenious question simply because it will probably take your candidate by surprise and ensure you’ll get a genuine response. If the job seeker does indeed want the job, he or she will likely know right off the bat why the job is appealing. However, if the candidate’s answer is shaky or unsure, it could just be because he or she is very nervous. Because of the nervousness factor, you’ll have to use your best judgment when weighing the answer you get in response to the question, “Why do you want this job?”

 — “If you were asked to do something not listed in your job description, how would you feel?” – The answer to this question will shed light on what type of person the individual you are interviewing truly is. If he or she is flexible and willing to learn new skills (both highly desirable traits in an employee), you’ll know you are screening a high-quality candidate who would be a great hire for your company.

— “Do you have a career accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?” – This is another question that has no right or wrong answer. Questions such as this take the pressure off of job seekers and allow them to show part of their authentic selves to you, the person who is screening them. Listen closely to the answer to this question; it will reveal more about the candidate’s career experience, as well as what he or she is best at.

 What Questions Do You Ask Job Candidates?

Of these questions, which would you be most apt to ask when screening a candidate? What are some of your favorite job-screening questions?

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