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How Pre-Interview Questionnaires Can Help with Candidate Screening

Using questionnaires as part of your interview process, especially if you use them in the pre-interview phase, is a terrific way to find out if a candidate will be a good “fit” for the position and your company’s culture. A good pre-interview will help you get more information about a person’s preferences, expectations and interests.

You can use a pre-interview questionnaire as a way to cull candidates from a large applicant pool. A good questionnaire also will:

  • Help you reduce the number of interviews you need to conduct to find a final candidate.
  • Cut down the amount of time recruiters and managers spend interviewing.
  • Let the job candidate provide additional information about her background specific to the position (most people don’t customize resumes for a particular job).
  • Provide you with insight into what types of job/position activities they most value and enjoy, which will help you improve the acceptance rates of your job offers.

Some employers offer candidates questionnaires that have actual interview questions; again, this cuts down on interview time.

You’ll also find out things such as whether a candidate is ethical, comfortable with change, prefers to work solo or in a team, competent, flexible, and so on.

Here are some questions you may want to have applicants answer before selecting those you invite for an interview:

  • What are the type of job responsibilities/duties at which you excel?
  • What attracts you to this position and company?
  • What do you like most and least about your current (or last) position?
  • What’s the number one reason you want to leave your current employer (left your last one)?
  • What people and leadership qualities are your strongest?
  • How hard do you like to work?
  • Describe a situation when you feel overworked.
  • What time do you typically start working?
  • What kind of personal gratification do you get from your work?
  • Can you provide us with a sample of your best work?
  • What motivates you to perform at your very best?
  • Describe your perfect manager.

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