Being an Introvert in the Business World

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Today’s business world can seem like it is dominated by extroverts. This can be intimidating for introverts who are determined to find jobs.

Many aspects of a job search require “putting yourself out there,” which is often a trait attached to extroverts. But this does not mean that introverts are less valued in today’s labour market. In all honesty, the personality preferences of introverts greatly benefit businesses everywhere.

Characteristics of an Introvert

Introverts are often described as people who are directed towards the inner world of their thoughts. Many introverts enjoy working alone and opt for peaceful work environments. They are known to avoid standing out and tend to be bothered by external factors such as noise or crowd. At work, they might be perceived as shy, but their reserved nature is often a cover for their problem-solving abilities and poignant communication skills.

If you identify yourself as an introvert, there are ways that you can leverage your unique abilities to find a great employment opportunity. All you need to do is be prepared, act, and evaluate. Do you think you can do these three things? Let’s face it; you were born for this!

The Introvert is Prepared

Good preparation is important for finding a job whether you are an introvert or not. The first step to being prepared is having a job search strategy. Since you may be less likely to “pound the pavement,” find a safe environment, such as the Internet, where you can search for jobs and prepare yourself in a comfortable setting.

The next step is creating a portfolio that demonstrates your skills. All the while, now is the perfect time to get involved with your professional connections. You may want to build a top-notch LinkedIn profile and get in touch with people via social media, forums, and blogs. When your portfolio is complete, it may benefit you to present it to these contacts.

The Introvert Takes Action

The most crucial process in this phase is networking. Contrary to popular belief, networking does not exclusively take place at large business gatherings. Good things can come from one-on-one conversations and mingling with small groups, online or in person.

Networking may not be the most pleasant activity in the world but you can confidently approach this task by being prepared for such occasions. Come up with some conversation topics in advance and avoid worrying about saying something stupid or inappropriate—this can happen to anyone! Just focus on why you are networking in the first place.

The Introvert Evaluates

Evaluation and follow-up are very important parts of your job search strategy. This final phase offers you an opportunity to see what you need to improve upon in the future. Also, follow-up implies that you stay in contact with people you meet when networking. This is how you build your professional network and get to know potential employers and co-workers.

You do not have to be an extrovert to be a valuable employee. Introverts are highly desirable candidates for certain positions. In fact, the business world sees your talents as extraordinary. Be sure to open yourself up enough to get a job and, in effect, share these personal strengths with the world.

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