Are You Cut Out for Non-Profit Work?

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Pinnalce Jobs - Are You Cut Out for Non-Profit WorkPositions at non-profit organizations are among the most coveted on the job market. In fact, you might find “work at a non-profit organization” near the top of many peoples’ bucket lists. While there are cons to working for a non-profit agency or organization, there are also undeniable benefits that go along with this type of employment.

Benefits that Accompany Non-Profit Work

There are a number of reasons why non-profit positions are so prized by job seekers. First, the experience itself looks fantastic on a résumé. Non-profit work indicates to employers that a résumé holder is compassionate and humane, which often accompany strong personality traits and customer service skills. Second, and perhaps most important, non-profit organizations are hiring: “Forty-four per cent of nonprofit groups plan to hire more workers this year.”

Another amazing characteristic of non-profit organizations is the diversity displayed in their staff. Individuals over the age of 50 are regularly hired by non-profits, making this one of the best sectors for the mature workforce. Walk into any non-profit agency and you’ll likely find employees of all ages, talents, and backgrounds; the unifying factor will be their passion for the cause and enthusiasm for their work.

What Type of Person Is Best Suited for Non-Profit Work?

There is no prototype of an ideal non-profit employee. However, employers may consider those who are experienced in public relations and/or sales to be desirable hires. Because fundraising is so necessary for a non-profit organization, people with fundraising experience often make it to the top of the list of prospective employees. Although, a person best suited to work at such an organization must be at peace with the fact he or she may have decreased earning potential while working in the non-profit sector.

Make Yourself Stand Out to Non-Profit Employers

If you feel you would thrive in a non-profit work environment, there are several measures you can take to stand out to employers. One is to get some experience with fundraising. You may want to consider taking a fundraising workshop and detailing it on your résumé. Any college courses you have taken in public relations, business, or communications should also be noted on your résumé.

The fastest and easiest way to make yourself stand out to employers is to have an impeccable résumé. Consulting with a recruiter or working with a qualified résumé writer to edit, tweak, or even totally overhaul your résumé may be a smart move before applying for work. Since “many non-profit jobs are extremely competitive, with hundreds of applicants per slot,” hiring a résumé writer might be a worthwhile investment.

For some, a position at a non-profit organization is a steppingstone to a dream career. In this way, non-profit agency work can be a meaningful means to an end. For others, a position at a non-profit organization is a dream fulfilled.

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