Keep Calm and Start Your New Job

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If you’re like most people, the prospect of starting a new job probably makes you a little nervous. After all, new positions come with more than benefits packages, investment options, skills to learn, and coworkers to get to know; they also come with a healthy dose of intimidation! Have you ever experienced anxiety before starting a brand new job?

When it comes to employment, there are two kinds of stress: the stress of not being employed, and the stress of undertaking a new career. Neither kind of anxiety is enjoyable, but by far the most preferable type is the stress that crops up right before one takes over a new position. Which type of anxiety are you currently dealing with?

3 Easy Ways to Make a Relaxed Transition Into a New Job

If you are sweating because you’re about to start a new job, allow this post to put your heart and mind at ease. There are lots of things you can do to make beginning a new career easier – here are just a few:


1. Get informed – The very best way to calm new-job jitters is to ensure that you are well informed about your position, what will be expected of you, who you will report to, what type of space you will be working in, etc. Demand Media’s Anna Windermere says, “Ask your new supervisor to give you an idea of the agenda he has planned for you on your first day or week so you know what to expect — for example, any department or company meetings, or orientations for new employees. Know the exact hours you’ll arrive, break for lunch, and leave — and plan to be early or on time.” The more you know about what to expect, especially on your first day, the less nervous you will be.


2. Get through the first couple weeks – Would you agree that starting something new is usually only difficult for the first couple of weeks? It seems that after that length of time has passed, things magically seem to get easier. When you start to stress, stay calm by telling yourself that the uncomfortable feelings prompted by starting your new job will not last for long.


3. Get healthy – Have you ever noticed that job seekers often appear frazzled, pasty and unhealthy? The stress of unemployment can really suck the life out of you, and if you were in that boat for long, your physical self could probably use some care. Now that you’ve secured your job, get out of the job seeker mindset by reminding yourself several time a day that you DO have a job, you will be making regular income and you are no longer on the hunt for a career. Then, give yourself permission to relax. Get the sleep you’ve been missing out on. Make sure you are eating regularly (good foods, not junk foods). Work out, take vitamins, do whatever you need to do to get in good physical shape for your first day of work.


Starting a new job certainly comes with its fair share of stress, but it also comes with greater measures of hope and exciting possibilities. When you start to worry about beginning your new job, remember all the good things you will be gaining from it — income, stability, fulfillment, friends, and a sense of purpose. This positive mindset will pull you through the first couple weeks of the transition.

Best of luck in your new position!

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