Be a Success Story – Interview Preparation Tips

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This economy has brought it’s share of “hard knock” stories – tales of people struggling to find work, or losing a long-term position. Sure, the economy is rough, but you have an opportunity to sidestep the “hard knock” stories entirely, and be a success story.

Start your own success story now – be prepared for your interviews!

Being fully prepared for your job interviews is one of the best ways to land your next great career opportunity. Follow these top three tips to demonstrate that you’re fully prepared, and ready to make an impact on your next employer:

1. Understand the company.

Maybe you’ve sent out 10, 20 or even 100 resumes over the past few weeks. It can be confusing when you’re applying to so many different employers. But when your resume has been selected for further consideration, you should do some brief background work on the interviewing company. At a minimum, spend five or 10 minutes perusing their website to have an understanding of what they do, and what your role will be.

2. Be prepared to ask questions.

When you’re doing your research to understand the company, prepare at least two or three insightful questions to ask toward the end of the interview. Many times, candidates are so relieved to have made it through the interview that they dismiss this time with a “No questions, thank you.” This is a huge mistake! You have one final opportunity to shine in your interview! Ask insightful questions at this point, and you’ll demonstrate a marked interest in both the position and the company. You’ll also show incredible initiative.

3. Have numbers to back up your resume.

Resumes often address accomplishments in generalities and broad statements. When you come to your interview, be prepared to back up those statements from your resume.  If you can, bring examples of your work, or other tangible explanations of your accomplishments. And be prepared to talk in detail about any item mentioned in your resume or cover letter. Your resume landed you the interview – now it’s your time to step up your game and show why you’re the best match for the organization.

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